Return of the Wals, forget the birdie song, and a Monty Python sketch revisited

Following on from Simons weather beaten trip was a welcome return to the lake for the WALS aka Ken, Rog & Paul . Being a return visit , the journey to the lake would surely be uneventful, however, the satnav had other ideas ,and, after finally arriving at their destination was routinely drug tested. Now this is the second time a device has been tested, on my first visit mine too was put through this , only to test positive for DOPE !!!! Oh no i hear you say, shaking your heads in disapproval, but the only DOPE proved to be the operator lol, well i didn’t know there was more than one La Pin in France did i ?

After setting up and being fed and watered , the lads decided that the best plan of action would be to get a good nights kip and start their onslaught at first light. Ken plotted up in the Point, Paul in the Slip and Rog in the Outlet, let the games begin.

First light, first cast in the point to Ken with a method feeder and hair rigged lake special , and a fish is hooked,turning out to be a stunning mirror of 37lb, what a start. Now with a start like that a fantastic week was expected but guess what ? Yep, once again a weather front moved in bringing wind, rain and temperatures plummeting, and the fish doing the off.

Typically for the lads, the weather warmed on tuesday but unbelievably the fish decided they would stick two fingers up at the hard working piscators and go straight into spawning mode, do not pass go, do not collect fish and go directly to your bivvy.

Ken then had a run out of the blue on a bottom bait fished in the moat and banked a pretty 22lb mirror, at last something is feeding.

Paul and Rog then decided a move was in order and moved across into Happys so at least they could have a social if the fish had other ideas. Try as they might they couldn’t get them interested although Ken managed to entice a pretty little common from the small corner bay near the moat entrance, well fished that man.

It has to be said that this carp fishing lark isn’t all about catching our quarry at all costs, which proved to be a lighter moment of our visitors week . The guys had experienced the spawning routines of the little blighters on more than one occasion on their French travels so knew what to expect and were in great spirits throughout the week , to the extent that they thought it may be fun to have a giggle at our hosts expense.

Rog decided to take a rod and fish the shallows near the Steps, and as usual, on his rounds to see all during the day, John made his way round for a chat. As they were chatting John caught something out of the corner of his eye in the rushes of the swim, a bloody Heron !!!

Look at that saucy git , he’s got some nerve, John exclaimed, watch this , il get rid of the cheeky little so and so ( or something along those lines, as its close to the watershed ).

At this point John started to clap, louder and louder, the Heron taking not a blind bit of notice. By this time the other two lads had come across to see what all the commotion was about with this mad man clapping like some performing sea lion waiting for his treat. At this point John realised something was amiss and by the laughter echoing around him , finally clicked that said bird was a strategically placed plastic decoy ,” Taxi for Wright ” don’t you love it when a plan comes together.

Oh it doesn’t end there, if John has been hooked , then surely he could lead Jan into the trap, or could he ?

Later that evening after dinner the lads were back in their swims , John and Jan started on their lap of the lake. Approaching the jetty John pointed out our not so feathered friend sitting quietly in the rushes and started to clap, which had Jan clapping too. As they approached the steps to the swim, Jans clapping was accompanied by her shouts and stamps , resembling the birdie song on crack lol, followed by ” i think he’s dead ! “( sure theres a monty python sketch here somewhere ), quickly followed by howls of laughter. It looked so real , he’s still there, a new addition to the fishery.

No more fish followed but the lads have booked a week in september to see if they can get among the big girls, thanks guys ,have a safe journey home.

Next time is the visit of my good mate Mike Salisbury , a Kodex consultant and angling coach along with young Jordan , again Kodex consultant and helper for the promotional video Mike is going to be doing for the lake, as it is felt the lake and grounds are at the stage where John is really happy about, and the time is right to bring this little gem into the carping mainstream.

See you next time.

A cold start to a new season

Good evening carp followers and welcome to the dawn of a new season here at Tremblaye. A nice surprise was the addition of 2 gorgeous 50lb fish during the colder months that have had a little time to settle in to their new surroundings. Large fish have been seen crashing all over the lake so things looked good for the arrival of an old friend in Simon, back for his 3rd trip i believe.

Simons saturday arrival was for once a dry one , all set up and rods out after being fed and watered, fishing from Happys out towards the far bank ( hang on , who said you could fish my swim, poaching me thinks ).

9.30 pm and the rod on the bent tree bursts into life, taking out another rod in the process, but after a good fight a good looking grassy is in the net. On the scales , 36-2 and a new p.b, what a start, cigar time on the first night. Rig wise just a simple blow back rig with a long hair finished with Simons new bait rolled by Mark Lycett at custom bait services.

Eyes opened sunday morning and yep, once again, early season weather strikes, ice in the cradle and a little nippy in the nether regions.

Tuesday evening , a single bleep at 6pm, then 6.20 pm and the alarm is howling, and another feisty inhabitant makes a bid for freedom. Fish in the net, dinner back in the oven, and john and jan arrive at the swim to find what looks like an unknown mirror sulking in the folds of the net.

37-3 on the scales and another pb , photos done, dinner consumed, rods back outing a very happy carper sits snugly in the realms of his bivvy castle. Again the fish falling to the blow back rig from the bent tree.

Temperatures then started to rise and fish appeared all across the lake raising hopes.

Thursday dinner finished, and walking back to the swim , a single bleep on the rod in the moat produced a cracking common of 21 lb , which turned out to be the last fish of the session.

Nice start to the season, and Simon already booked in for next year, lets see if we can get some of the big girls out this year, with more weeks filled this year, ive struggled to bag myself a space.

Simon and the doomsday cloud

Simon arrived for his second visit of the year, and after a quick walk round and chat realised it would be foolish not to set up camp in fizzers as the numbers of fish showing in that area on the end of the south westerly was amazing.

Unfortunately , just as he unloaded the car the clouds came over and proceeded to dump rain of biblical proportions all over the lake.

Soon after , a rather damp angler burst through the doors laughing , but he’d got his bivvy up and all the other stuff he’d managed to get inside it before it too got drenched. Final bits and pieces taken round after  another wonderful meal and his baits were dispatched to his pre-baited spots for the night.

Our goodbyes said over breakfast along with good luck wishes for Simon, as he prepared for the week ahead.

2.45 am Tuesday morning after being tormented by fish crashing day and night the left hand margin rod was away resulting in a lovely 25-10 mirror caught on a 20mm N1 wafter on a blowback rig, with ESP hook link and Ridge Monkey straight point size 6 hook. 

Now it is here i have to compliment Simon on his choice of bait. After rolling and being involved in the rolling of my own baits for 30 years and trying to understand the ins and outs of ingredients etc i have seen some horrendous baits over the years being fed into lakes. Simons choice of the N1 rolled by JK Baits & Attractors was totally different to these in its make up and did surprise me, a lovely nutty aroma and taste ( yep i ate one ). Well done boys keep up the good work.

Tuesday 6.30pm , straight after the award winning chilli, the left hand margin rod was away again resulting in a mirror known as drop tail nestling in the net at a new PB weight of 29-14. This was caught on 2 x 18mm N1’s + an N1 corn pop up.

Wednesday 11-45 am and the rod on the bent tree tore off producing a 28-8 mirror to an N1 bottom bait and trimmed down N1 corn pop up .

Wednesday evening drew in along with the storm clouds , winds and lashing rain , John reckoned the lightening was so bright he could see Simon struggling to hold on in the bivvy at the far end of the lake. Simon emerged unscathed for breakfast but did comment that he was worried about the large bivvy he had erected as he couldn’t reach both sides to hold it down . He also mentioned that the strange sighting early morning of a young lady in red shoes carrying a dog, being followed by a lion, a scarecrow and a tin man made him fear the wind had been worse than he imagined.

Thursdays fish, a common of 29lb came from the bent tree spot to a 20mm N1 wafter + 1/2 18mm bottom bait.

The last fish of the session came from the mouth of the moat at 8-20 am Saturday morning , a 24-10 mirror falling to an N1 wafter.

A great end to a productive trip, and he’s already booked in for a week next year.

Great to meet you mate, well done and look forward to meeting again.

Thanks for that mum

I think I’m getting a cold remarked mum as she got into the car, only days after claiming she hadn’t had one for years. After the journey down sniffling and snorting it was decided to hang a bell and unclean sign around her neck then fumigate the car, as I’ve now got a sore throat awwwwwwwww.

Great to be back , looking forward to Daves  arrival the day after to continue our holiday that was so rudely interrupted in June.

Newly acquires Titan t2 bivvy hotel erected in happy s swim and a relaxing few hours as I had decided not to sort the rods until Dave arrived.

I had come armed with crayfish traps courtesy of fishtec which were carefully placed close to the rocky margins baited with cat food. First night spent in the apartment watching the mighty Leeds lol and straight off to the land of nod .

Dave arrived and gear quickly set up in the point and all rods placed along the far bank , game on.

1 am the following morning , ” give me a hand Steve ” was heard and Dave was off the mark with a 22 lb mirror, one I haven’t seen before.

Full day after stalking in the moat with nothing to show for our troubles then fed and watered including a pear and rhubarb crumble made with fresh ingredients from the garden.

The weather had turned cold in the evening and mum decided to retire to the apartment and leave me to cough and splutter alone. Early morning and Daves dulcet tones announced the netting of a 31 1/2 mirror , nice one. After seeing fish show on the outlet bank throughout the day before we had a day stalking along there with once again nothing to show for our troubles.

Spots topped up with bait and up to the house we go for chilli night yaaaaaay. Unfortunately the curse of chilli night did not reappear and the rods remained silent although the massive trifle didn’t last long.

Mum decided it was best if she remained in the apartment as it was getting colder although I guessed it was probably safer for her with the likely after effects of chilli and trifle in enclosed spaces.

All the fields surrounding had been harvested which seemingly had caused an influx of another type of unwelcome critter , mr rat and his mates as we had seen a couple earlier that day. New traps deployed and it was now man versus crayfish and rats lol. A few hours later and the scores on the doors were Man 15 crayfish 0, and Man 3 Rats 0 result

The hills are alive with the sound of, well something , but not exactly music, needless to say it would be foolhardy to crank up the stove in case the new bivvy disappeared in a puff of smoke. Not again, I thought, early morning, Daves landed another 19 1/2 mirror , all 3 from the same spot off the bent tree, and all passing the P2 and particle onto the mats.

Backside, kicking and well & truly were words that came to mind but hey ho that’s fishing for you just can’t buy a bite at the moment.

Another day stalking in the moat produced zilch but yours truly missed a take through chatting lol, but to see john appear with some cold beers was amazing but then an hour later to come back with a tray of tea and biscuits , unbelievable.

Pork tegine demolished and back to the rods, repositioned Daves bent tree rod and 10 mins later he’s away or rather not, both feeling the fish then nothing, fish trailing line perhaps ?  Rod back out, Dave pays a visit to the loo and his alarm screeches again, I’m into the fish and hand him the rod as he puffs and pants down to the swim, but something doesn’t feel right. Into the net slips a 22 lb common but hang on there are 2 rigs and 2 hooks, that’s the trailer sorted then. Unfortunately the said rig was not very well put together giving the lead no chance of coming free and even certain parts attached the wrong way round, not something you want to see.

On the critter front scores on the doors now Man 17 Crayfish 0 and Man 5 Rats 0, at least I’m catching something.

Sat on the bivvy floor 3am and not a sound , never been anywhere when there hasn’t been any noise not even birds. Next thing I know it’s 6.30 and I’ve heard an alarm, yep the fish meister is in again, this time an 18 lb mirror from the moat, quickly followed by a 14 lber, I’ve told him it’s not funny anymore.

Halfway through breakfast and my alarm signals a take and soon a cheeky 15 lb mirror is in the net thank god, and believe it or not I have 2 mice in the same trap ( I’m really good at catching something )

Whilst stalking the afternoon in the moat we nearly had a little accident which Dave thought rather funny. I must have dropped off to sleep and with my chair being on an incline I woke up falling forward , just grabbing the sides of the chair to stop myself tumbling down the bank and into the moat, yeah really funny mr jones.

Mums now public enemy number 1 as everyone but Jan has cold, coughing, sneezing and spluttering everywhere, I’ve just coughed up something that resembles Orville without as many feathers, not nice.

Through the night Dave the fish whisperer had a 16 lb common from the moat then an 18 lb mirror again from the bent tree. A day stalking produced nothing but a bag full of empty bottles but the night produced a 22 lb common for me making the scores 8-2. Then tragedy struck.

Sat in the sun around 1 pm Daves been tree rod screamed off and he struck into a fish that came in quite easily until it was under the rod tip then decided it wasn’t playing any more. Line peeled from the reel then was gradually regained then off again it went for 5 mins. As the fish passed into the moat I noticed how deep the fish was and how wide across the shoulders, but as it turned I realised it was a fish I had made acquaintance with on my first visit one cold February , a visit that seemed so far away.The fish in question had three large scales on its shoulder and had done me that day ejecting the hook whilst being brought over the net. Careful Dave we nearly have her, then off she went at a rate of knots but suddenly changed direction altering the line angle and once again ejecting the hook. Don’t know who was most gutted, she was big , but that’s fishing.

Daves gear packed away ready for departure tomorrow, that has gone quick,but tonight he’s bedded down with me in the titan 2 hotel. Broke back mountain was mentioned earlier lol, but as I speak both sides of the sleeping bag are being zipped up alongside the barbed wire fence and machine gun turret around the bed chair. Will the last night bring one of the mystery fish to the net, let’s hope so.

3 am and I’ve woken up with a start as my chest is tight and I’m thinking jeez no I can’t be having a heart attack, only to find myself staring into the eyes of a startled A.C , one of John and jans cats, bloody thing.

3 hours later both me and Dave hear the one bleep of an alarm, go on then I said why don’t you rub it in then, only to realise it was mine, and with an excited giggle I was hovering over the rod in question. Very slowly the bobbin rose so I struck and connected with the culprit which turned out to be white stripe at 33 lb, happy days.

Dave left at 10 and I managed a 17 lb mirror from the moat, but as the wind blew into fizzers more and more fish were showing along that bank 

Packed up and car being readied by 3 pm just as the clouds moved over and it spotted with rain, a great week had by all, but the weather looks as though Simon may catch it just right.




Venison steaks on the bank, I wish, although they are a bit are a bit deer for me

Yeah, yeah , I know, sorry about the title of the post, if that’s the best joke I’ve got it’s going to be a long day.

Martin and Dave arrived to lovely weather for their first visit to La Tremblaye ,and after a cuppa and walk round decided to make base camp in the outlet.

As part of their annual pilgrimage across the channel the lads have always cooked for themselves al fresco, which would be a first for the lake,and as expected the  whole swim was spotless throughout their stay which is a credit to them, and obviously a deterrent for any vermin which has been a major plus at the lake due to the cleanliness of the bank side. Thank you for that boys.

Well after the cook tent was erected, 2 fridges, 2 x 4 burner cookers, professional catering pots and pans, pressure cooker, fresh coffee percolator, gas containers , it was now Friday and time to pack up and get ready for the journey home lol ( only kidding, jealousy is not a good thing ). All that was missing was the appearance of Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver as the set up would have done them proud.

Now for the food, something a little special me thinks as Dave was into a little hunting, so included hand made burgers and venison ( mmmmmm), along with an array of herbs and spices.

Saturday night and Dave managed to get a couple of rods in while Martin chilled.

After our chats before the trip the lads brought along some crayfish traps and proceeded to lighten the number of the little critters in the lake. Cleaned and prepared these were then cooked as a starter ( can I tag along next time please ).

On the fishing front both caught pbs with Dave breaking his twice with a 36 mirror then a 39 grassie , happy days. 6 fish in total for the week in glorious conditions .

Just before departing, the lads explained that normally they don’t revisit venues but we’re considering coming back which is a credit to the work John and Jan put into the place, and left some fantastic remarks in the book. 

Thanks for coming, hope to see you soon , it was a pleasure .


Anyone For Hog Roast

Some like it hot, i think the saying goes, well i have news for you mr sun, i don’t like it that hot !!!

The new guests arrived 3rd August, Justin and partner Cheryl, plus mum and dad, Dave and Pat, with the weather just bearable. A sit down, chat and a brew, followed by a quick tour around really seemed to whet the appetite for the days ahead. To further enhance their stay it was going to be Justins birthday during the week.

With the temperature hitting 46 degrees on the front of the building Justin decided it was too hot to erect the bivvy for Cheryl and himself, probably best to leave it until it cooled down, yeah right, it didn’t really cool down .

On the plus side Dave and Pat were lodging in the apartment, oh what bliss, the stone construction providing a lovely cool environment, a perfect place to escape the blast furnace outside.

Now i was lucky enough to be in france fishing 2 weeks before and believe me it was over 25 degrees in my bivvy through the night, not comfortable, and the daytime temps had me bringing the rods in and going to sit in the pop up pool complete with tshirt, shorts, cap and sunglasses. The worrying thing was , after sitting out for 10 mins i had remarked that i could smell crackling until i realised it was in fact me cooking. Enough of this, back to the plot.

Chosen swim was Happys and once more the favoured areas were across to the far bank margins.

2.30 am and a mint little common of around 16lb was netted followed at 5.30 am by a mirror of around 18lb, and a happy camper arrived for breakfast pleased with the result from his first night, lets hope it continues. A nice relaxed breakfast discussing the tactics employed and back out into battle or rather not. On exiting the cool of the old coach house it seemed our party had been transported into the sahara desert with a fireball close overhead and the mercury rising to 55 on the front of the building , a heat that would stay with them for the rest of their trip.

Although Justin worked hard through the days, and with the aerators on daily to keep any algae at bay, the water temps were too high for the fish to get their heads down, with no more fish gracing the bank.

Even with the small number of fish caught, the comments in the guest book pointed to the fact they had a fantastic time and departed happily, although travelling in that heat is just not cricket.

I think if i had been there that week i would probably have made my way up to the main building and laid in the freezer, even Johns mower gave up the ghost.

Another couple of Tremblaye virgins are expected in a couple of weeks and then I’m back out with mum and my trusty sidekick, Dave , complete with his lucky hat to finish the holiday we started a  month earlier.

Hopefully the weather will have started to cool and i won’t have to pack the factor 50, boiler suit and goggles, come on Avril first time over 50 me thinks, dream, dream , dream.


Where’s the photographer when you need him

Arrived at mums to pick her up for the journey after packing the car to find yet more luggage waiting to be squeezed in. I was thinking about charging her excess baggage but after a bit of a re shuffle everything was in and away we went. Brilliant drive back down ,warming up the further we went ,until we pulled up in bright sunshine and temperature in the 30s. Have to say I giggled most of the way down as mum heard a song she liked on the radio sung by the ‘dustbin man’ mum I love you.

Happys was the swim choice again , with Dave going back into the point on his arrival on Thursday.

John showed me the work that had gone on since our last visit, the place looked stunning in the sun ,sit back, relax , and let’s try tempt a few.

john had mentioned that during the torrential rain they had experienced he had caught crayfish walking across the lawns, even into the property, as well as in the old trout hatchery, most likely to have come from surrounding lakes and water courses through the 5 separate feeds to the lakes. Shells have been found on the banks around the lake so the birdlife has obviously been enjoying the spoils. Would this create a problem with the baits, let’s see.

Armed with a bucket of the lakes particle mix and some pellet , let’s leave the main rods until after tea and have a spot of stalking in the moat where I’d seen a group of fish including a few over the 30lb mark.

Nothing to report from the stalking apart from finding the baits that were placed in the shallower water on the shelf had been whittled a bit , but the one in the channel in the deeper water was untouched, food for thought.

Chicken , Mexican potatoes and fresh veg , mmmmmmmmm , time for the rods out.

Rods positioned on far margin just a little further out than usual in slightly deeper water and sit back with a cuppa watching the sun go down.

2 fish during darkness , a common of 21lb and 28lb mirror put a cherry on the first few hours then another mirror of 24 lb at 8 am. No pics of the first 2 as I wasn’t waking mum from her truffle hunting slumbers and my self takes at that time of silly o’clock would be wasted. However, we finally got a photo of the last one after a mind bending explanation of the cameras workings to mum, with comments such as ‘which thingy am I looking through now’   ,  ‘ it’s all gone fuzzy ‘, ‘ I haven’t got all of you in the picture ‘ , give me strength. Then trying to explain that zooming in doesn’t constitute walking towards your subject , shall I just put the fish back and have done, even that had a strange , puzzled look on its face. Wonders will never cease, ‘I’ve done it, exclaimed mum, yaaaaaaaay I remarked , although I was now wearing a 6 inch beard due to the amount of time it had taken and probably looking like we could miss the ferry home. Please hurry up and get here Dave, my friend, I’m sure it would have been easier to train a chimp to do this evenings bbq.

Dave arrived armed with a nice bottle of sloe gin for yours truly,thank you mate, and was soon set up in the point ready to go. Another fantastic BBQ and time for the rods to be placed on the spots.

Round to the opposite bank armed with a bucket of bait, Daves  casts were met with a good amount of freebies let’s hope the P2 continues to bring the fish to the bank.

4am and I’m met with Dave at the bivvy door with a beautiful 11 lb mirror in the net that had managed to wipe his other 2 rods out after Dave had run into the rods having been woken abruptly and wasn’t yet focusing. Into the stock pond with that one .

As per usual a rather sneaky north easterly wind had sprung up from nowhere just before tea and was still with us this morning putting quite a chill in the air, come on sun .

Armed with a rod each we spent a day down in fizzers with not a sniff even though there were some rather large fish along the tree line between us and the slip. Fed and watered , rods back on the spots, just tightening line on last one and I’m away, nice chunky 22 lb mirror into the net with the P2 appearing once again on the unhooking mat, what is the night going to hold now the wind has dropped.

16lb mirror early morning then gorgeous scaly mirror straight after brekkie, then my trip came to an abrupt end with serious problem at home needing attention, so poor dave left to fend for himself, no doubt the carping pirate will help him.

Well, for the rest of the holiday Dave worked his socks off using his 15m pole to place baits in the spots under the far bank trees, switching to plastic corn hook baits to keep the crags at bay ( yeah i know , no plastics allowed, but i think until we can net as many of these little critters out as possible this is probably what we are going to have to allow as well as tigers as hook baits only)

Dave also decided he would fool the fish by donning a flowerpot man hat and try to lure them into a false sense of security by thinking he wasn’t a fisherman but another crackpot who just liked to dress up on the bank. To my dismay this ploy actually worked with dave banking 10 fish incl. a 37 lb grassy, a 38lb mirror, 4 x 20s and 4 doubles, 3 of which have gone into the stock pond. I am currently planning my backside attire for my next trip although i fear that t shirt, shorts and crocs will once again be the order of the day.

Dave had also made a couple of shields for the fishery, one of which was already mounted on the wall before his departure, thanks for that mate they are awesome. Also big thanks for the design for the t shirts and hoodies which have turned out great even if i say so myself.

Shortly after daves departure the fish started spawning yet again, the 4th time this year so i think mate you did rather well in the conditions, lets hope it continues with the next guests.

A very warm WALcome

The new group arrives safely , so first things first, lets get to know each other.

Right, first up is Rog, AKA Dodge or Wal, then theres Ken, AKA Wal, and lastly Paul ,yep you guessed, AKA Wal, so there we have it Team Wal.

Apparently the guys have fished some of the well known waters in france including Rainbow and Cassein ( this must be like fishing in the bath at home to these guys ) but rated it as one of the nicest venues they have fished, which says a lot about the amount of work John and Jan are putting into the place.

Anyway back to matters in hand, Dodge dropped in the outlet, Ken into the point and Paul into the slip , let the games begin.

This is now becoming the norm at the moment, as the weather once again conspired to fool the fish into thinking they were into a different season and spawning was once again on their minds, proving once more they would be hard to catch.

The lads worked hard and were rewarded with 5 hard fighting fish between them , with Dodge picking the first one up , a 16lb common, float fished in fizzers.

Paul then managed an 18lb common from the left hand margin of the slip, followed by a 26-11 mirror again from the left hand margin. 

Fish number 4 and 3rd for Paul a 22lb mirror tempted from under the oak tree along the left hand margin in the slip, an area that is already proving to be an early hotspot.

Dodge managed to tempt a beautiful 15lb unmarked common from the moat which surprised him with the fight it gave him, a comment that has been remarked upon a number of times before about the lakes inhabitants.

Oh Wal, week over , but once again the lads will be back again next year , hopefully to more settled conditions.

I think that most lakes in france could do with a spell of settled weather to get the activities of the fish and other aquatic life back to normal. The sudden changes in conditions from early last year has meant that the fish haven’t really had the seasons expected to carry out their normal feeding / spawning activities along with the natural food sources appearing at unusual times. This year saw the lake go from freezing conditions straight into a week of summer without the usual warm up season of spring then straight back to cold, turning the lives of the carp upside down.

Hopefully that settled spell is now with us and the lake will be ready to give up some of its gems for the next visitors, oh yeah , that would be me , mum and dave again , happy days, roll on june.

Welcome to the new season

Time seems to have flown since our last visitors of last year , but Simon and Glen arrived safely even though the weather , once again doesn’t want to play ball, cold and wet, although a promising outlook as the week progresses.

Positive first impressions are always a good sign with both lads impressed with what met them once on the banks of this special little lake.

Simon set up in the Slip swim and Glen in the Outlet ,with baits placed in the margins, and the games begin. Although plenty of fish have been seen ,they haven’t got their heads down properly as yet.

Tuesday and Simon has had 2 doubles, both mirrors, ( obviously sneaky little monkeys that escaped the netting )from his left hand margin on simple blow back rigs consisting of a hardened bottom bait with a topper of yellow DNA candy stick.

Glen , however, has managed a pb mirror of 28lb from his left hand margin on a simple hair rigged hardened hooker.

The weather is warming up and fish moving more so hopes are high going into tuesday evening.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern with the fish playing hard to get although Glen managed an 18lb er and Simon a 27 lb specimen from the moat .

Obviously the hard fishing conditions hasn’t put the two guys off as Simon is returning later in the year and planning a trip next year, another happy customer.

In Simons words , ” i think the venue is the absolute business. Great surroundings,Great fighting fish, Great hosts – really made us feel like one of the family. What more can you ask for ? 

Another week comes to an end, hopefully the fish will get on the feed for the next anglers due out soon, or maybe, just maybe, they will wait for myself and Dave in June, you never know.

Apologies from the sausage fingered keyboard warrior

First of all i have to apologise for the lack of information that has been posted over the last year, no excuses, just a new start on the dawn of a new season.

After the unprecedented weather throughout last year , the level of the lake dropped around 4 feet, still leaving plenty of depth for the fish, although no doubt affecting the catches of the customers through the summer and into the normally productive autumn season. Fish were still caught, still willing to pick up the anglers baits, but not in the numbers expected, a situation that was mirrored on lakes all across france who were hoping for a decent perod of rain to freshen things up. John did make good use of aerators throughout the summer to keep the oxygen levels up but the fish seemed more than happy sunbathing through the warm days with what seemed like very small windows of feeding activity. Looking forward to the start of the new season , the lake is full and had a good flush due to the amount of water that has come down over the last couple of months, with the surrounding water table higher than normal at this time of year. As with most lakes around france , everything seems around a month behind because of the cold wet conditions that have been experienced, although the fish are on the move and have been picking up the baits from the margin spots.

Enough of the negative things, lets have a look at what has been going on at the lake.

Once the last customers had returned to blighty, John made the most of the low water levels, donned his chest waders , and cleared all the debris from the margins and trimmed the overhanging branches to make it a little easier for us to get our baits onto the feeding spots.

Apparently i will be shocked at the amount of work that has gone on around the banks of the lake, but I’ve got to wait for my visit to see for myself, which can only mean great things.

After meeting a great bloke, Martin Cavey, whilst fishing Barnview lake, a few hours away, and finding out he and his son Troy actually netted and could provide new stock for lakes, it was a no brainer that he should pay a visit to Tremblaye and see what he could do. John and Jan also thought this a great idea and very quickly arranged for them to visit, which left Martin and Troy astounded at what had been achieved in such a short time. They arranged for the netting , which was to be exciting for both parties as it would be the first time the lake had been done and hopefully get a better idea of its inhabitants. The idea was to remove most of the silver fish ( roach and rudd which i had caught to over 3 lb ) plus the predators including pike, zander and perch ( leaving some for obvious reasons ). Also take out some of the smaller carp which along with the others could be sold on to other parties. Once this was done plans could then be put in place regarding the stocking of further fish. After chatting with John and Jan we came to the conclusion that probably 20 fish in the 30 lb bracket with the scope to grow on would be perfect for the lake along with possibly 2 larger specimens to provide customers with the chance of a fish of a lifetime .

Well , the netting took place and the silvers plus predators removed plus around 20 carp around mid doubles . Because of the make up of the moat it was impossible to net, and even with Troy wading through the silt trying to scare them out into the main body of water there were still plenty of fish in there to be seen as the rest of the lake was being netted . With this in mind , and the number of fish released back into the lake it is estimated that there are around 100 carp left. A few of the known fish evaded the net but Avril sat there sulking and was estimated by Troy to be nearing the 50lb mark , as well as some stunning scaly fish that have not been caught yet plus other unknowns including some surprises.

Plans were then put in place for the new stock, but before this could happen , the weather changed and hurricane whoever hit tearing the roof off John & Jans living quarters. Sadly the funds put away for the fish had now got to be diverted to repairs. Hopefully this stocking can take place at the end of this season by which time the originals will hopefully have grown on after the feeding programme and anglers baits, although there is still a very healthy stocking level for a lake of that size, with most fish 20lb +, a very good head of 30s and a sprinkling of 40s and the odd surprise.

Another change this year is on the bait front which has seen us move away from the DNA stable to a bait designed by myself upwards of 25 years ago, more information of which can be found on the bait page.

Also on the bait front we have now decided that the use of plastic baits is now not allowed after finding fish with  stray rigs and plastic attached. Also when landing fish please cut the hook link, break down the landing net and use the slings to lift the fish from the water to the cradles.

I hope this has covered all the changes from last year, and wish all our customers old and new a great season.