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Trials of the website

Carp fishing in France, four words that make me smile, with thoughts turning to the warm summer nights on the bank in the beautiful french countryside, although i seem to have spent more time wrapping up warm during the months of october, november and march due to a somewhat hectic workload and birth of my granddaughter.

Hopefully the concept of La Tremblaye will make the dream of that first carp fishing experience in france more accessible, affordable and partner friendly to those carp anglers who thought such a trip was beyond them.

Whilst John & Jan have been putting in 15 hour shifts at the lake i was tasked to try and sort out the website. That task for many of you may seem easy but for a 50 year old retired firefighter , with typing skills of the one sausage finger variety, and the added quality of being computer illiterate, has been a sharp learning curve to say the least.

Threats of violence and bodily harm towards the laptop have been commonplace , as have arguments with spellcheck. However , with a lot of help and patience from the grand wizard of technology ( my mate Karl ) i don’t think things have turned out so bad so far.

We have been very lucky with the help we have received from some friends in France who also own carp fishing lakes namely Ben at L’etang Mureau and Adam & Tony Morrell from Paradise Lakes. Without this help we would not find ourselves in the position we are in at the moment. Thanks fellas.

I am venturing down to Paradise Lakes on 7th March for a week and stopping off at La Tremblaye with the first 100kg of bait of the year as well as other goodies to continue feeding into the lake . I will then pick up a supply of the cereal pellet from Adam & Tony that they have painstakingly developed over the years to feed their lake providing them with the awesome stock of fish their lake holds.

After that i will be taking a couple of guests to La Tremblaye in May to feast on its delights and get some much needed photos of the lakes inhabitants onto these pages ( if my fat finger allows )

The weather has been up and down this week at the lake , one day grass cutting in the sun, drinking tea on the patio and the next filled with wind and rain. The fish ,however, have been keen to show themselves with their aerial displays , with plenty of movement over the margin  areas being fed.

Hope to see you on our banks soon,


Welcome to the first posting from La Tremblaye

There is a great amount of work being carried out at the lake at the moment making sure that by the time we welcome our first paying guests ,everything is in place to provide them with the best carp fishing holiday we possibly can.

After the recent heavy rains and gale force winds, which caused the level of the lake to rise 7 inches in just one night, we expected the fish to become a little less active due to the influx of cold water. However, as has been happening throughout the winter months they are still on the move and showing themselves most days.

A continuous feeding program has been applied with the water temperature not dropping to the depths of the last few winters .

We have been lucky enough to have had the help of Ray Harris at Angling Direct to guide us regarding the tackle we are going to be supplying with our hire / all inclusive package and look forward to its delivery very soon.

If anyone would like any more information about the lake, packages or availability please dont hesitate to give steve a ring on 07773 662093 .