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Bait safely delivered – just

Well , what can you say, 3 hours into the drive down from Calais & the lead cars turbo gives a couple of puffs of black smoke then an almighty blue one rendering it useless , luckily just before a service station. Without going into details, if you think you are covered with a european breakdown policy please look into it and find out just what you are covered for as you might get a nasty shock, as we found to our dismay.

Anyway , back to Tremblaye, i couldn’t believe the change in the lake from my last visit. The work that has been done to the swims, lawns and the main buildings in that short space of time was amazing , and John was soon proudly walking us around the lake in search of fish. Even though it was early March fish were showing all over the lake, with one very noticeable specimen causing a real disturbance less than a foot from the bank , which bodes well for the visit of the first anglers of the year, oh that will be myself and 2 french virgins.

100 kgs of freshly rolled bait packed safely into the freezer and time to be pampered. Sat on the patio in short sleeves, shorts and donning the shades in March , being fed with pate,cold meats, salads, all manner of cheeses, fresh bread & a glass of red wine , it suddenly dawned on me just why this carp fishing in France lark has become so popular. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better my carping partner and i were treated to apple pie and custard, this is the life ! This sort of treatment is not just saved for myself and my fellow adventurers but is the welcome John & Jan offer to all their guests, so come on, join us at the start of this adventure and believe me you will be back.

All too soon it was time to make a move , and another 3 hour drive across to our destination, hopefully meeting up with our broken down buddies , which eventually happened at just before midnight , with them being dropped off by the tow truck complete with the offending vehicle.

As we left it was time for John to make his rounds and feed the lakes stock with the newly delivered sweeties , which, as we found out during a conversation later in the week,  caused almost immediately, tell tale feeding signs.

More good news is that we are near to finalising all Insurances and the Siret number which will be placed on the home page as soon as we have it.

Until next time may your only worry be ” how the hell am i going to fit that beast of a specimen into the net ”