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Rise of the carping pirate

Finally, the flyers were on their way to Ray at Angling Direct hopefully to be distributed to thousands of would be guests of La Tremblaye, happy days. All the hard work that has gone into said flyers and the website should get a few interested carp addicts across the channel to sample the delights provided by mine hosts John & Jan, and kick start this new adventure into which they have put so much time and energy.

Mmmm, heres me praising the efforts of said host , working my stumpy little sausage fingers to the bone and guess what arrives on my laptop ? Want to hear more ? Ok then i’l tell you !

Sat peacefully studying the form for the 4-30 at Warwick the following day like you do with my millions ready in the Bet 365 account ( ok then , pennies lol ) i notice an e-mail flash up in the corner of the screen from the lake. Kitchen finished ? More bait needed ? Grass cut ? Oh no, far more sinister than that ! All i see when i open the message is Johns face with a grin ear to ear holding a rather large kipper over the unhooking mat, with a little note underneath , ” guess what i caught within 10 minutes of setting up, just under 40lb what do you think about that ? ”

So not content with owning one of the prettiest lakes i have seen in france he has to start POACHING it , jeez some people have no scruples ( whatever that means, I’ve heard my mum say it so if its good enough for her then its definitely good enough for me ) Here i am , doing the hard bit, and John goes and catches a finned pig and sticks it in my face and asks me what i think, i’l tell you what i think, ********************************************** ha ha even spellcheck couldn’t have sorted that lot !!!

Impressive, seeing as its not one of the fish John stocked, i wonder what else is swimming about in the depths, there are going to be a few surprises i can tell you. John also caught an old friend he has named drop tail ,for obvious reasons, that he first caught at 14lb last November, which now weighs in at just under 20, nearly 6lb in under 6 months that is a fantastic sign for the lake.

If all its inhabitants are growing anywhere near that rate , with the continuous introduction of the boilie and pellet feed we should see some fantastic fish out to future guests, oh bring on May, i can’t wait, just as long as the carping pirate doesn’t keep pillaging all the swims.

Spoke to Ray and the flyers are now being distributed to customers from the shop so a big thanks to him and the staff. All the tackle has been put together and is awaiting transportation to the lake in readiness, and my camera and batteries are ready for the much needed piccies of the lakes jewels for the website ( i might just bring myself to put Johns fish on there if i can stomach it lol )

Until next time my hearties, as Long John Silver once said , ” that f****** parrot has just s**t on my shoulder again ” , enjoy !!!


Spring has sprung

Hi all, just been on the blower to John and it seems things are really happening over at the lake.

The trees have decided its time to start sprouting and the colours are starting to come out ,totally transforming the scene on the bankside  in readiness for the warmer months.

The fish have been lively and being well fed with a diet of pellet and boilie. John has had a couple of evening sessions lasting less than an hour catching fish to just below 20lb and having a hook pull on a fish he described as ” turbo charged”. This bodes well for the lads coming down with me in May as if these results are anything to go by they could be beating their pb’s early in the week .

The siret number has been confirmed and will be placed on the homepage in the near future.

John has just finished grouting the floor in the new kitchen area so looks as though i will be going home a few pounds heavier after our visit.

The pop ups and wafters + food dips have been ordered from DNA and will be travelling down with myself unless any lucky anglers manage to get some time to visit before then, in which case they will be there waiting.

Finally for now the sausage fingered typist has been testing his new found computing skills ( ha ha ) with the design of a flyer. After numerous attempts to follow directions on a number of websites and howls of laughter from my son at the disgraceful use of highly colourful language, it was suggested that maybe the best way forward was to make the mile trip into the village to the printers and let them do it. Why didn’t i think of that and save myself the now continuous ribbing i have to endure at the hands of my understanding family.

A trip to the printers and “of course we can do that for you sir” was just what i wanted to hear , although i was soon back to earth with ” oh, if you have a photo you would like us to put on there you can e-mail it to us “, I’m sure they are in league with my lad. Four attempts later , with the first three going without photos attached i had to resort to the ” ¬†pleeeease help me son, and go through the” i can’t help being thick ” routine, with my wife shouting from downstairs ” if you hit those keys any harder you will be through the ceiling and sat with me ” joke. Sometimes i think that if i understood everything they were saying about me i would probably have some sort of complex.

Anyway I’m dropping by the printers in the morning to see if they have managed to get a proof sorted to get this show on the road.