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3 storms and an unhappy passport controller

Good evening avid readers, sorry this has been so long coming but i have been a busy little bunny I’m afraid,but, sit back & relax , have i got a tale for you.

The day arrived for my next foray into darkest France, back to Paradise Lakes for our summer visit, and a quick visit to La Tremblaye with another batch of DNA carp sweeties. I think this will be 500 kg of these little gems that will have been introduced into the lake once they have gone which bodes well for the anglers due to visit.

My carping buddy for the trip was young Ryan once again which would no doubt mean an attempt on the rip van winkle sleep record for the journey, i have never known anyone fall asleep mid sentence before.

Anyway, bait collected, onto the A1 and nice easy drive to Cambridge services for a KFC feast. Onwards to Dover through a huge storm and there with plenty of time to spare, hopefully managing an earlier ferry. This is where my wonderful knack of not being able to keep my mouth shut caused us a few problems with a lovely lady in the passport booth.

A quiet Thursday night, not many cars, we should be into a queue quickly here i thought. How wrong was i ?

Up to the booth, nice smile at the lady behind the open window, passports handed over, easy peasy ha ha.

“I see you have a minor with you sir ” she said, which most people would have thought a pretty normal thing to be asked and a polite response given back. Oh no  ! not me, the king of tourettes strikes again, ” No love , he’s still at school, i don’t think he’s ever been under ground, he’s frightened of the dark and has an allergy to canaries ! ”  was the reply that flew from my lips before i could stop it. The last time i saw a look like that was last night as my grand daughter filled her nappy, i think i may have just stepped over that line !!

Then that kind of windy grin appeared on her face and ” Can you tell me the purpose of your visit to France? ” slipped purposely from her lips. I looked to my side , then glanced at the mountain of fishing gear in the back ,and indeed at my camou attire. I then felt it welling up inside me and before i could control myself i had replied again ” Do you know i can get 2 immigrants for a fit young lad like this just outside the port, now thats a lot better than the local exchange rate ! ”

Oh dear, i could see what i thought could be smoke begin to pulse from her ears and a strange growling sound,  so thought , come on lets make the peace .

‘ Ive got a letter from his mum ” didn’t quite come out in the manner i needed it to and she obviously thought i was taking the you know what so i pleaded  ” no, no, i really do have a letter from his parents explaining where we were going , and that they were entrusting me with his safety and wellbeing ”

A quick look a said note , a hard paddington stare, and an ‘ I wouldn’t trust you with getting him  to the ferry queue ” look and we were on our way . Maybe its just me but some of these people just don’t seem to have a sense of humour. On second thoughts, yeah, it is just me.

Early ferry, yippee, rest and large cup of tea, wrong again.

2 coaches of teenage german school kids put my rest plan to bed, what with the noise and the lack of seating available due to all the towels on them, although i did get the tea.

As i looked from the window in Calais i thought tiredness had really set in as i could not seem to be able to focus on the port. This, however, i found to be the torrential rain that had swamped the area. Into the dark we drove through horrendous conditions, heading of Le Mans and a kip / loo break at one of the service areas on our way down.

Anyone watching our journey would have thought that my young passenger had either been bitten by a tse tse fly and been given the sleeping sickness or that i had drugged him. Hang on, with everything going on in the news at the moment , this dormant state had absolutely nothing to do with me. As we were on the toll roads , unfortunately i had to keep bringing him out of his hibernation to pay what was due and allow us to continue on our journey. Thunder, lightening, rain bouncing a foot off the road surface and wipers on full provided me with probably the worst conditions i have ever driven in as we approached our next toll booth.

Come on you lazy sod, wake up { or words worse to that effect ] and do your stuff. What happened next was unbelievable and was no doubt due to the curse put on us by the wicked witch of the passport control. As i drove into the dry haven of the booth i heard what sounded like a foreign body impacting the underside of the vehicle after driving over it but didn’t really think anything about it. Now, sleepy head inserted the ticket , then my credit card , withdrew the card, barrier up , and we are off.

I don’t really know what i found was the most worrying of the events that unfolded next. Before Ryan had actually let go of my card as he passed it back he was asleep , it was like someone had just switched him off, i had to giggle, but not for long. Laughter soon turned to tears { well, nearly ] as i soon realised the noise in the toll booth was actually one of my wipers committing hari kari , luckily the passenger side, but in these conditions it was a nightmare. I know, i will strap Ryan to the roof box with bungee ropes and he can be a makeshift wiper , ah , the note from his mum ! can’t do that, limp into the nearest services it is then.

Finally we arrived at Tremblaye to sunshine , where did that come from then. John & Jan had obviously been busy i could not believe the changes to the place , wonderfully mowed , curved pathways between wild flower areas up to the lakeside. Apparently due to the amount of rain they had had this summer the grass seemed to be growing an inch a day.

Bait in freezer and boy did they feed us well, i won’t go into detail just that the marinated chicken done on the bbq was to die for.

The carping pirate has been dabbling again and has caught another 40, as well as the smaller grassy at 35 plus a lot of 20s which is really good news for all of us planning trips. There have been anglers doing short sessions all managing to take fish into high 20s with plenty of action during only the daylight hours with most going away with new pbs.

I will try get some new photos onto the site , i think the Facebook page has been updated though, but things are looking very bright with the fish seemingly piling on the weight. The pellet has been collected from Paradise Lakes after a trip to meet up with Adam, and has been fed in along with the boilies.

There has been quite a lot of interest just lately for both the end of this year and next season so hopefully we could see one or two special fish on these pages in the near future , with the godfather and mr bump returning in july with a couple of mates, now that will be some week.

Thats all for now folks, my car got fixed at Paradise , i broke my pb, Ryan smashed his to bits, but thats another story , ta ta for now.