Monthly Archives: April 2016

A new dawn begins

With all the hard work put into the lake and surroundings over the winter period our first customer of the season was eagerly awaited . Interest in the lake had increased and confirmed bookings were mounting, with May fully booked . With some of these bookings seeing anglers returning , the long hours and aching limbs have been well worth it.

April 16th saw the return of Neil, who managed 18 fish last year, even though he had to endure every kind of weather that nature could throw at him, which severely affected the feeding patterns of the fish. A flight into La Rochelle ( a first journey here for our hosts John & Jan ) with just 16 passengers was Neils chosen method of travel, then the short journey to the lake in wet and overcast weather conditions.

On arrival at the lake the weather dried up and began to brighten, so a quick bite to eat was the order of the day before the walk round the lake. Neil was blown away with the developments since his last visit and was amazed with the revamped swims. He spent the rest of the afternoon setting up and pre-baiting  in readiness for his first cast after a evening meal .

Back at his peg , the traps were set for 7 pm and he sat back dreaming of one of the big girls that had yet to grace the bank.

24 hours later he has landed 5 fish, 3 mirrors of 14 , 17, and 20lb plus 2 commons of 15 and 22 1/2 lb which is a great start by anyones standards.

Sunday night dropped to – 3 which put the fish down but the sun warmed the water during monday to produce another 2 mirrors of 18 and 20lb. The weather had also meant that the evening meal was eaten outside in the sun, bliss !

All the fish have been caught on simple blow back rigs with lead clips and slack line set ups along with the lakes DNA carp sweeties.

An unproductive Monday night through into Tuesday saw the old weather playing games once again for Neil, but his plan of roving during the day presented him with a nice 18 1/2 lb common from the moat. The effort he is putting in is sure to pay dividends if the weather turns favourable, but another cold night in store and chances look bleak.

Wednesday morning arrives with a dry net but the weather has changed, windy, cloudy and warm, perfect for our carp catching machine, and not to disappoint he duly rewards us with mirrors of 19 & 21 lbs, now this is more like it ! Then as i expected it happens.

Out of the blue a rod roars off and in a flash Neil has the fish running him a slow but merry dance around the lake, a fight rather different to the others, a bigger specimen me thinks , but lets wait and see. A few minutes into the fight and the sound of another alarm breaks the concentration , and Neil is worried the fish has kited through his other line, but no, a rod placed down to his right has just decided to burst into life , squeaky bum time !

The first fish was duly landed , with a proper chunk in the folds of the net, happy days. With a massive smile on his face and a slight swagger i may add, the second rod was dealt with and another chunk was netted , although this one looked a tad smaller.

The smaller of the two mirrors was weighed and pulled the scales round to 35 1/4 lb , a superb specimen but the other was a magical 41 lb 10oz and a new pb for one very happy bunny. After Neil had completed his naked victory lap of honour with his boxer shorts on his head whipping his imaginary horse things calmed a little and his achievement began to soak in . Not only was this a first for himself , but also for the lake , as Neil is the first customer to land a 40lb fish from La Tremblaye, congratulations that man. Only one thing for it then, Champagne time yippee !

Obviously , any carp angler will tell you what happens next. With the conditions still favourable the evening meal was wolfed down and Neil was soon back planning the downfall of his next whacker, still plenty of time for something bigger.

Hopefully we can get some photos of these fish onto the site and the Facebook page soon as they are in wonderful condition, thanks to the upkeep of the lake and the fantastic sweeties designed for us by Jason Trought and the lads at DNA baits and indeed the pellet supplied by Adam and Tony Morrell at Paradise lakes, which has been designed to help keep the fish in good health, thank you both.

Hopefully we will be hearing of a few more fish over the next few days, come on Neil , get your finger out !!

With the weather doing its best to scupper his chances, Neil fished well and finished with a total of 14 fish, including 5 x 20s, a 35 and the 40 which is a great start to the season. Wont be long until we will be welcoming the first group of German anglers to the lake, lets see what that session brings.