Monthly Archives: June 2016

Rain ,rain and more rain

Well, there is a turn up for the books, latest visitors Steve & Harry arrive in glorious sunshine with no problems on the fuel front , although the journey had taken its toll on the weary travellers.

Young Harry had dreamed of getting back into the steps swim, the scene of his battle last year with a large grass carp that soon found its way into the bottom of his net. Steve plumped for the slip swim once again, and with both homes for the week set up it was time to feed the intrepid duo. Dinner sorted and both returned to their swims to set the traps for the night ahead.

At 9.30 one of Harrys rods is away and after a strong fight our young piscatore was soon gazing down at his prize engulfed in the mesh, and would you believe it, there staring up at him was a fantastic 36lb 2oz grass carp which had been seen engaging in the spawning rituals earlier the week before. What did it weigh before spawning ? who cares, Harry had just upped his personal best by 2 oz , what a start to the week.

Sunday morning , and a roving Harry found himself in the outlet swim with a bait in the mouth of the moat and was soon  rewarded with a 22lb 2 0z mirror carp. This roving tactic has proved to be the best way of attacking the lake this year as the fish seem to be on the move all the time, and do tend to give there whereabouts away with constant crashing out and colouring the water in all areas of the lake. I would encourage all our visitors to try this for the best results.

After the good start, as with the other guests this year, the weather turned cold, the heavens opened, and the lake experienced the same sort of weather conditions as the rest of France was having, crap !!

2am and Harry was away again but this time things were different. On a tight line , whatever was attached to our now shaking young man, kited away from the tree line and across to the far bank hugging the bottom as it moved powerfully away. 15 minutes later, after taking a right royal battering, Harry stood exhausted and numb as the beast had shed the hook leaving us none the wiser as to the culprit. Like a true pro, a new rig was launched into the darkness, and the rest of the sleepless night spent wondering what could have been.

John has also experienced a fight like this with the fish kiting away from the tree line across the lake, with him saying he has never had a fish beat him up so bad before shedding the hook. On that occasion , during daylight hours the only time the monster was seen was as it turned on the surface displaying a massive tail before disappearing into the depths. The tail, was that of a carp, and not as i had questioned, that of a catfish, wait for me my beauty il be back for you soon.

The weather grew worse and really put the fish down, but couldn’t put off our now soaking pair.

Harry again managed a 19 lb Common from the mouth of the moat on Monday then a 26lb 5 oz Mirror on Tuesday, good angling young man.

Wednesday and Steve loses a good fish from the moat in horrendous conditions but made up for that loss on Thursday with a 15 lb Common from the middle section of the lake which turned out to be the last fish of the week unfortunately.

Once again mother nature had scuppered the chances of our anglers, but left them looking forward to another visit , hopefully in settled weather , and the thought of looking a monster in the eye.

Well done both of you for sticking at it in what I’ve heard were terrible conditions in which I’m sure some would have taken refuge in the bivvy and sat on their hands hoping the spots would eventually produce, instead of braving the weather and going to find the little blighters.

Until next time, heres hoping for a change of fortunes , wetter nets and bigger fish.