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A True Legend Graces The Banks

Next up to try and tempt the Tremblaye residents to the bank sees the return of Ray and Mat after 3 1/2 years, arriving at a very dry and dusty venue as no rain has been seen for nearly 3 months.

Having travelled down thursday this time proved a lot quieter with the journey problem free, and after a quick walk round the lads agreed that the changes since their last visit were fantastic. For ease and the social aspect they both decided to bivvy up on the oak bank, one in the swim and one on the bank along side which would enable them to cover most areas of the lake.

Had dinner after setting up , then a social with lots to talk about after over 3 years. Then the stage was set for the first nights action, would fish play ball when the daytime temps were still in the 40s and the nights hot and sticky, and their playground still a foot below its normal level.

Wonders will never cease, 2 am friday morning and a small 13lb common falls to Rays rods, followed at 6am by a 12lb common to Mat who then lost a fish.

Nothing further stirred until 3pm when a 21 3/4 lb mirror graced Mats net fishing long to the tree bank, then another 21 1/2 lb common at 5pm plus 22lb common later that evening at 10.30pm, now thats what we have been waiting for.

8 pm saturday evening a 15 lb common falls to Ray , then a quiet sunday where nothing had shown itself.

Monday afternoon amid a few drinks and fondly remembered stories the oak bank swim was renamed HAPPY’S, in memory of Chris Haswell , a great mate, terrific singer, well loved character and true carping legend. No doubt the anglers fishing from this swim will be hearing Chris’s dulcet tones serenading them as they draw their prize over the cord of the landing net into the folds of the mesh.

As if by magic 8.45 pm that evening a 21 1/2 lb mirror falls to Mat.

2 am tuesday morning and Ray strikes into a huge fish which he could do nothing with as it kited from the slip swim to the outlet . Ray has had many 40 / 50 lb fish in France so he knew this was a beast but once again the unseen monster managed to shed the hook and go off to sulk in a corner ( the fish that is not Ray ). Oh well, thats the 4th time this year a huge fish has managed to evade capture by cleverly getting rid of the hook, is it the same fish or a number of different fish , who knows, only time will tell.

Just to cheer Ray up from his disappointment the lake provides him with a 17 1/2 lb mirror a little later, with Mat landing an 11 lb common.

As the day progressed the wind started to pick up as cooler weather  and possible storms were forecast, yippee, could this bring the big girls out to play.

With the wind picking up and adding that much wanted extra oxygen into the lake to complement the aerator , 11.30 am and Mat nets another common of 18lb then 2pm and Rays turn to exchange loving glances with a beautiful 21 1/4 lb mirror.

What has been interesting is that most of these fish have not been recognised from catch photos, and with the average of these caught so far this session moving towards 20lb things are looking good for the lake as the bigger fish have not yet made an appearance. All of them bar a couple of corn stack caught fish ,have been tempted by the DNA sweeties, and by the quality and condition of the fish, the feeding program of the bait plus the high quality pellet seems to be paying dividends .

The long cast to the tree line seems to be the favourite haunt , tempting the fish from beneath the cover of the overhanging branches.

Then came the game changer, after chatting about getting the baits further under the canopy it was revealed that Ray had a bait boat hidden away in the car, now that would be a help wouldn’t it , but alas the rules state NO BAITBOATS !!!!

So , what to do, i know said Ray , if at first you don’t succeed , GROVEL !  John, pleeeaaase, pleeeaase, pretty please, go on, go on , you know you want to.  STOP IT , ok then just this once  but don’t tell anyone. Ha, Ha, rumbled .

Now before i get involved in another bait boat scandal, if used correctly they can be a very useful piece of our armoury. With the lake having no snags, and if used on a lake exclusive week then i can’t see any problems, unless there is a real Poacher in the group who decides he’s going to place baits at your feet or an inch from your own , now that would never happen would it ???

So bait boat launched , 4pm and Mat had a 19 3/4 lb common in the net again from under the trees.

With a lot of bites seeming to come  straight after the lads returned from  dinner it would have been interesting to see whether or not leaving the rods in place whilst dinner was served would have made any difference to catch results, with less disturbance to the swims.

Well what would you know, just as i thought there could be no more underhanded shenanigans, the lads have been given permission to keep the rods in through dinner, bloody favouritism lol. The table and chairs were re-positioned at the end of the grass path leading directly to their swim around 50 metres away and the lads promptly arrived for the eagerly awaited meal at the normal 7 pm .

The masterpiece tonight was none other than Jans chilli con carne , so with the receivers perched on the corner of the table dinner was served just after 7. Yeah, you know what happens next , just as they were tucking in a receiver screamed and all hell broke loose.

Chairs thrown backwards as the two reacted to the starters gun and set off down the track still chewing ( this might not end well ). John and Jan giggled as they watched the two lunatics tearing down the path towards the rods, with Mat moving into pole position ,knees up and arms pumping , reaching the swim in a time that a certain 3 x olympic 100m gold medal legend would have been proud of, although the leap over Poppy ( john & Jans dog ) & Paddy ( Rays dog ) did leave a lot to be desired. Ray came in a close but breathless 2nd , by which time Mat was into what seemed like a better fish and was well and truly beaten up by it, finally posing with a 31 1/4 lb mirror .

Rod back out, back to the table, food back out of the oven, time to enjoy, NOT !!!!   Receiver screams off and so do Mat & Ray, dinner back in the oven, fish on , this time Ray lands a 15lb common after another spirited fight.

Now this is where my warped sense of humour comes into its own , imagine consuming a rather large portion of chilli then doing a 50 m sprint, now that should be an olympic sport, 50m of sheer hell with a mouth full of 2nd hand burning food uurrghhh, but one hell of a spectator sport, although not so nice for the competitors eh Mat & Ray.

Back at the table and it was decided to skip the rest of the chilli, probably a good move, and start with the cheese and wine, do they ever learn. For the 3rd time the receiver called the lads to action, Mat once again scorching a trail , although it was questionable whether it was his stamina powering him down to the rods or him being propelled by the gaseous products of the chilli. Another 21lb common and everyone was buzzing ( or was it belching )

Back to the table and dessert time, surely not ?  Yep, another take but by the time our two intrepid man v food wannabes had sloshed their way down to the rods the fish had gone.

So, my sense of humour strikes again, now i know the quality of the food served from Jans fair hands is fantastic but from a value for money point of view if this carries on the lads could actually see their meal twice.

Things then calmed down , but the laughter took over ,everyone swore it was actually HAPPY  behind it all,looking down sniggering at the sight  of the carnage at the table. Im sure the night air was full of laughter from above mixed in with the local animal night life.

Wednesday produced 2 commons for Mat of 16 1/2 and 15 lb but Ray rounded off the trip at 3am thursday morning with a 17lb common, a truly awesome weeks fishing in the conditions, congratulations boys , good angling.

Remarks in the book,

18 fish in total, and in conditions ( heat ) was very good fishing.

Big thanks to J & J , the perfect hosts ( well they would be wouldn’t they with what you have got away with, I’m going to see if i can hire a runner to strike my rods lol ) food fantastic as usual.

This is the venue for legends to be made, just ask John about chilli night it will live in our memories forever. Big thanks and see you again,

Mat & Ray

Not long til the arrival of Richard + 1 who managed to win a trip on the children’s charity auction on the carp forum , so lets hope conditions are more favourable and we finally see the culprit of these spectacular lost  battles on the bank.

Until then, I’m just going to stuff my face with chicken fajita wraps then run to my local for 5 or 6 pints then run back home, i think not !!

Praying for rain

Well, what can you say, what is happening to this weather, from the squelchy surroundings for the last two sets of visitors to the sight of something that resembled the sahara desert , which greeted our latest piscators , John & Maria, on their first visit to the lake.

It had been a relief to hear they had actually arrived as they had asked me to send them some directions from the tunnel to make things easier, if only they knew i need a satnav to get myself from my living room to the kitchen.

The temperature on arrival was into the 40s once again, as it had been for weeks, with the sun having turned all round the lake a golden white.

After a cup of tea and a relax after the journey it was time for a look round, Maria loving the apartment which she had chosen to take advantage  of, settling in and unpacking the sun worshippers wardrobe.

John, however , opted for the carpers hotel, so bivvy it was, and after a walk round the lake with John , he plumped for the oak bank.

He liked what he saw of the lake and chose this swim as he could reach all the areas he fancied fishing.

Unfortunately for him, the fish did not want to know , the lake being a foot down on normal levels, the fish sunning themselves in the upper layers and looking lethargic ( bit like most of us in that sort of heat ).

The weather got hotter and was that bad it even made Maria retreat into the shade although in the end she was happy with the lovely golden tan she had gained.

A sudden algae bloom had the aerators doing full time instead of the daily bursts but still no sign of the little flat nosed devils.

John was then cruelly taunted by two aborted takes, but still persevered , trying everything he could to tempt one from the now tropical lake , but it was not to be. After a week of fishing hard John was finally beaten into submission , a feeling a lot of anglers in france have suffered this summer by all accounts.

Credit to him, he never gave up and on departure had this to say in the visitors book :

My first visit to this fab lake, never managed to put a fish on the bank but had the best time. Thank you J & J for all your hard work and making this so special . Food was excellent. See you next year.

The happy couple were wished a safe journey back home and sent on their way.

What happened next was unbelievable, the cam chain on the vehicle had snapped and an email next day revealed they were still in france ( think I’ve used excuses like that before to get an extra couple of days away lol  ) It doesn’t seem to have deterred the now hardened french travellers as they finally  got home safely and has let us know he’s invested in some new delkims and other goodies to have another bash next year.

A lovely couple , it will be a pleasure to see them return for a fishing holiday and not a camping one ( that was below the belt , sorry mate, couldn’t resist , yours truly has blanked many times in conditions i rated spot on so what would i know )

The little beauties will be fed and waiting for your return, just pray for a little more favourable conditions, so long as Maria can top up that tan.

Until next time, is that pork i can smell cooking , i think i should get into the shade .