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You Cant Book The Weather

Hot on the tails of Ray and Mat , the new arrivals Richard and Rob were welcomed by a slightly cooler climate with the promise of some cloud cover, breeze and much needed rain, everything falling into place to get the fish feeding, mmmm !!!

After a nice easy drive down from le havre the 2 lads were keen to get started and set up in the same area as the two anglers before them as with Rob being somewhat of a novice at the carp fishing game it was probably a good idea to have Richard nearby to help out with what was hoped would be gracing the nets.

Sunday evening and Rob nets a nice common of 14lb 7oz from the mouth of the moat, while Richards baits remained untouched along the far tree line.

A good start in the favourable conditions , with a lot more to come, but alas it was not to be. The daily temperatures continued in the high 20s but suddenly plummeted into the evening to single figures , with a really chilly wind appearing, once again stopping the fish in their tracks.

No matter what you do , or how hard you try , the little flat nosed devils become uncatchable in these conditions, or at least it seems like that, I’m sure we have all been there at some point questioning your rigs, placement, bait etc etc, lets face it they just don’t want it !!

Stalking produced nothing even though fish could be seen moving close into the bank, they didn’t want to get their heads down.

Then Wednesday 2pm Richard had a take and struck into what he thought was a good fish ¬†from the tree line opposite Happys, finally netting Avril at a weight of 40lb 10oz, a new pb , and well worth the wait I’m sure you will agree.

No matter how hard John tried he couldn’t sneak the boys another fish ¬† until 7pm on friday when Richard managed to tempt a 20lb 5oz common from the same tree line spot.

Although the fishing was hard the lads had a blast , and Jan tried to keep their minds off the daily battles with our carpy friends with large portions of comforting grub and a glass or two of wine.

Their comments ;

Despite difficult fishing due to extreme weather conditions, 30 degrees in the day to 4 degrees at night and some icy winds we had a great time.


John and Jan as hosts are wonderful, very friendly and helpful , we couldn’t have asked for more. Food was great, not to mention plentiful, again couldn’t ask for any better.

The lake and grounds are in lovely condition and overall a lovely place to spend a week, i can only imagine what it is like when the fish wake up, although not complaining with my first 40.

Thanks for a wonderful week , i really hope to come back in the near future.


Another set of happy carpers leave the lake on the long trek home with fond memories of what is turning out to be a cracking carp lake. Lets hope the next visitors drop on a lake full of hungry mouths and provide us with some photos of uncaught beauties. Heres dreaming, ta ta for now.

As a footnote to the trip I’ve just found out from Richard that although the french leg of the journey was trouble free the english side didn’t quite go to plan. Basically the lads left on time and got stuck in horrific rush hour traffic, getting onto a grid locked motorway only for Richard to realise he had left his stash of euros back at home, nooooooo!!

A huge detour followed to avoid the M4 traffic back home to pick up the cash and start again, the best made plans and all that, nightmare.