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Apologies from the sausage fingered keyboard warrior

First of all i have to apologise for the lack of information that has been posted over the last year, no excuses, just a new start on the dawn of a new season.

After the unprecedented weather throughout last year , the level of the lake dropped around 4 feet, still leaving plenty of depth for the fish, although no doubt affecting the catches of the customers through the summer and into the normally productive autumn season. Fish were still caught, still willing to pick up the anglers baits, but not in the numbers expected, a situation that was mirrored on lakes all across france who were hoping for a decent perod of rain to freshen things up. John did make good use of aerators throughout the summer to keep the oxygen levels up but the fish seemed more than happy sunbathing through the warm days with what seemed like very small windows of feeding activity. Looking forward to the start of the new season , the lake is full and had a good flush due to the amount of water that has come down over the last couple of months, with the surrounding water table higher than normal at this time of year. As with most lakes around france , everything seems around a month behind because of the cold wet conditions that have been experienced, although the fish are on the move and have been picking up the baits from the margin spots.

Enough of the negative things, lets have a look at what has been going on at the lake.

Once the last customers had returned to blighty, John made the most of the low water levels, donned his chest waders , and cleared all the debris from the margins and trimmed the overhanging branches to make it a little easier for us to get our baits onto the feeding spots.

Apparently i will be shocked at the amount of work that has gone on around the banks of the lake, but I’ve got to wait for my visit to see for myself, which can only mean great things.

After meeting a great bloke, Martin Cavey, whilst fishing Barnview lake, a few hours away, and finding out he and his son Troy actually netted and could provide new stock for lakes, it was a no brainer that he should pay a visit to Tremblaye and see what he could do. John and Jan also thought this a great idea and very quickly arranged for them to visit, which left Martin and Troy astounded at what had been achieved in such a short time. They arranged for the netting , which was to be exciting for both parties as it would be the first time the lake had been done and hopefully get a better idea of its inhabitants. The idea was to remove most of the silver fish ( roach and rudd which i had caught to over 3 lb ) plus the predators including pike, zander and perch ( leaving some for obvious reasons ). Also take out some of the smaller carp which along with the others could be sold on to other parties. Once this was done plans could then be put in place regarding the stocking of further fish. After chatting with John and Jan we came to the conclusion that probably 20 fish in the 30 lb bracket with the scope to grow on would be perfect for the lake along with possibly 2 larger specimens to provide customers with the chance of a fish of a lifetime .

Well , the netting took place and the silvers plus predators removed plus around 20 carp around mid doubles . Because of the make up of the moat it was impossible to net, and even with Troy wading through the silt trying to scare them out into the main body of water there were still plenty of fish in there to be seen as the rest of the lake was being netted . With this in mind , and the number of fish released back into the lake it is estimated that there are around 100 carp left. A few of the known fish evaded the net but Avril sat there sulking and was estimated by Troy to be nearing the 50lb mark , as well as some stunning scaly fish that have not been caught yet plus other unknowns including some surprises.

Plans were then put in place for the new stock, but before this could happen , the weather changed and hurricane whoever hit tearing the roof off John & Jans living quarters. Sadly the funds put away for the fish had now got to be diverted to repairs. Hopefully this stocking can take place at the end of this season by which time the originals will hopefully have grown on after the feeding programme and anglers baits, although there is still a very healthy stocking level for a lake of that size, with most fish 20lb +, a very good head of 30s and a sprinkling of 40s and the odd surprise.

Another change this year is on the bait front which has seen us move away from the DNA stable to a bait designed by myself upwards of 25 years ago, more information of which can be found on the bait page.

Also on the bait front we have now decided that the use of plastic baits is now not allowed after finding fish with  stray rigs and plastic attached. Also when landing fish please cut the hook link, break down the landing net and use the slings to lift the fish from the water to the cradles.

I hope this has covered all the changes from last year, and wish all our customers old and new a great season.