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A very warm WALcome

The new group arrives safely , so first things first, lets get to know each other.

Right, first up is Rog, AKA Dodge or Wal, then theres Ken, AKA Wal, and lastly Paul ,yep you guessed, AKA Wal, so there we have it Team Wal.

Apparently the guys have fished some of the well known waters in france including Rainbow and Cassein ( this must be like fishing in the bath at home to these guys ) but rated it as one of the nicest venues they have fished, which says a lot about the amount of work John and Jan are putting into the place.

Anyway back to matters in hand, Dodge dropped in the outlet, Ken into the point and Paul into the slip , let the games begin.

This is now becoming the norm at the moment, as the weather once again conspired to fool the fish into thinking they were into a different season and spawning was once again on their minds, proving once more they would be hard to catch.

The lads worked hard and were rewarded with 5 hard fighting fish between them , with Dodge picking the first one up , a 16lb common, float fished in fizzers.

Paul then managed an 18lb common from the left hand margin of the slip, followed by a 26-11 mirror again from the left hand margin. 

Fish number 4 and 3rd for Paul a 22lb mirror tempted from under the oak tree along the left hand margin in the slip, an area that is already proving to be an early hotspot.

Dodge managed to tempt a beautiful 15lb unmarked common from the moat which surprised him with the fight it gave him, a comment that has been remarked upon a number of times before about the lakes inhabitants.

Oh Wal, week over , but once again the lads will be back again next year , hopefully to more settled conditions.

I think that most lakes in france could do with a spell of settled weather to get the activities of the fish and other aquatic life back to normal. The sudden changes in conditions from early last year has meant that the fish haven’t really had the seasons expected to carry out their normal feeding / spawning activities along with the natural food sources appearing at unusual times. This year saw the lake go from freezing conditions straight into a week of summer without the usual warm up season of spring then straight back to cold, turning the lives of the carp upside down.

Hopefully that settled spell is now with us and the lake will be ready to give up some of its gems for the next visitors, oh yeah , that would be me , mum and dave again , happy days, roll on june.

Welcome to the new season

Time seems to have flown since our last visitors of last year , but Simon and Glen arrived safely even though the weather , once again doesn’t want to play ball, cold and wet, although a promising outlook as the week progresses.

Positive first impressions are always a good sign with both lads impressed with what met them once on the banks of this special little lake.

Simon set up in the Slip swim and Glen in the Outlet ,with baits placed in the margins, and the games begin. Although plenty of fish have been seen ,they haven’t got their heads down properly as yet.

Tuesday and Simon has had 2 doubles, both mirrors, ( obviously sneaky little monkeys that escaped the netting )from his left hand margin on simple blow back rigs consisting of a hardened bottom bait with a topper of yellow DNA candy stick.

Glen , however, has managed a pb mirror of 28lb from his left hand margin on a simple hair rigged hardened hooker.

The weather is warming up and fish moving more so hopes are high going into tuesday evening.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern with the fish playing hard to get although Glen managed an 18lb er and Simon a 27 lb specimen from the moat .

Obviously the hard fishing conditions hasn’t put the two guys off as Simon is returning later in the year and planning a trip next year, another happy customer.

In Simons words , ” i think the venue is the absolute business. Great surroundings,Great fighting fish, Great hosts – really made us feel like one of the family. What more can you ask for ? 

Another week comes to an end, hopefully the fish will get on the feed for the next anglers due out soon, or maybe, just maybe, they will wait for myself and Dave in June, you never know.