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Where’s the photographer when you need him

Arrived at mums to pick her up for the journey after packing the car to find yet more luggage waiting to be squeezed in. I was thinking about charging her excess baggage but after a bit of a re shuffle everything was in and away we went. Brilliant drive back down ,warming up the further we went ,until we pulled up in bright sunshine and temperature in the 30s. Have to say I giggled most of the way down as mum heard a song she liked on the radio sung by the ‘dustbin man’ mum I love you.

Happys was the swim choice again , with Dave going back into the point on his arrival on Thursday.

John showed me the work that had gone on since our last visit, the place looked stunning in the sun ,sit back, relax , and let’s try tempt a few.

john had mentioned that during the torrential rain they had experienced he had caught crayfish walking across the lawns, even into the property, as well as in the old trout hatchery, most likely to have come from surrounding lakes and water courses through the 5 separate feeds to the lakes. Shells have been found on the banks around the lake so the birdlife has obviously been enjoying the spoils. Would this create a problem with the baits, let’s see.

Armed with a bucket of the lakes particle mix and some pellet , let’s leave the main rods until after tea and have a spot of stalking in the moat where I’d seen a group of fish including a few over the 30lb mark.

Nothing to report from the stalking apart from finding the baits that were placed in the shallower water on the shelf had been whittled a bit , but the one in the channel in the deeper water was untouched, food for thought.

Chicken , Mexican potatoes and fresh veg , mmmmmmmmm , time for the rods out.

Rods positioned on far margin just a little further out than usual in slightly deeper water and sit back with a cuppa watching the sun go down.

2 fish during darkness , a common of 21lb and 28lb mirror put a cherry on the first few hours then another mirror of 24 lb at 8 am. No pics of the first 2 as I wasn’t waking mum from her truffle hunting slumbers and my self takes at that time of silly o’clock would be wasted. However, we finally got a photo of the last one after a mind bending explanation of the cameras workings to mum, with comments such as ‘which thingy am I looking through now’   ,  ‘ it’s all gone fuzzy ‘, ‘ I haven’t got all of you in the picture ‘ , give me strength. Then trying to explain that zooming in doesn’t constitute walking towards your subject , shall I just put the fish back and have done, even that had a strange , puzzled look on its face. Wonders will never cease, ‘I’ve done it, exclaimed mum, yaaaaaaaay I remarked , although I was now wearing a 6 inch beard due to the amount of time it had taken and probably looking like we could miss the ferry home. Please hurry up and get here Dave, my friend, I’m sure it would have been easier to train a chimp to do this evenings bbq.

Dave arrived armed with a nice bottle of sloe gin for yours truly,thank you mate, and was soon set up in the point ready to go. Another fantastic BBQ and time for the rods to be placed on the spots.

Round to the opposite bank armed with a bucket of bait, Daves  casts were met with a good amount of freebies let’s hope the P2 continues to bring the fish to the bank.

4am and I’m met with Dave at the bivvy door with a beautiful 11 lb mirror in the net that had managed to wipe his other 2 rods out after Dave had run into the rods having been woken abruptly and wasn’t yet focusing. Into the stock pond with that one .

As per usual a rather sneaky north easterly wind had sprung up from nowhere just before tea and was still with us this morning putting quite a chill in the air, come on sun .

Armed with a rod each we spent a day down in fizzers with not a sniff even though there were some rather large fish along the tree line between us and the slip. Fed and watered , rods back on the spots, just tightening line on last one and I’m away, nice chunky 22 lb mirror into the net with the P2 appearing once again on the unhooking mat, what is the night going to hold now the wind has dropped.

16lb mirror early morning then gorgeous scaly mirror straight after brekkie, then my trip came to an abrupt end with serious problem at home needing attention, so poor dave left to fend for himself, no doubt the carping pirate will help him.

Well, for the rest of the holiday Dave worked his socks off using his 15m pole to place baits in the spots under the far bank trees, switching to plastic corn hook baits to keep the crags at bay ( yeah i know , no plastics allowed, but i think until we can net as many of these little critters out as possible this is probably what we are going to have to allow as well as tigers as hook baits only)

Dave also decided he would fool the fish by donning a flowerpot man hat and try to lure them into a false sense of security by thinking he wasn’t a fisherman but another crackpot who just liked to dress up on the bank. To my dismay this ploy actually worked with dave banking 10 fish incl. a 37 lb grassy, a 38lb mirror, 4 x 20s and 4 doubles, 3 of which have gone into the stock pond. I am currently planning my backside attire for my next trip although i fear that t shirt, shorts and crocs will once again be the order of the day.

Dave had also made a couple of shields for the fishery, one of which was already mounted on the wall before his departure, thanks for that mate they are awesome. Also big thanks for the design for the t shirts and hoodies which have turned out great even if i say so myself.

Shortly after daves departure the fish started spawning yet again, the 4th time this year so i think mate you did rather well in the conditions, lets hope it continues with the next guests.