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Anyone For Hog Roast

Some like it hot, i think the saying goes, well i have news for you mr sun, i don’t like it that hot !!!

The new guests arrived 3rd August, Justin and partner Cheryl, plus mum and dad, Dave and Pat, with the weather just bearable. A sit down, chat and a brew, followed by a quick tour around really seemed to whet the appetite for the days ahead. To further enhance their stay it was going to be Justins birthday during the week.

With the temperature hitting 46 degrees on the front of the building Justin decided it was too hot to erect the bivvy for Cheryl and himself, probably best to leave it until it cooled down, yeah right, it didn’t really cool down .

On the plus side Dave and Pat were lodging in the apartment, oh what bliss, the stone construction providing a lovely cool environment, a perfect place to escape the blast furnace outside.

Now i was lucky enough to be in france fishing 2 weeks before and believe me it was over 25 degrees in my bivvy through the night, not comfortable, and the daytime temps had me bringing the rods in and going to sit in the pop up pool complete with tshirt, shorts, cap and sunglasses. The worrying thing was , after sitting out for 10 mins i had remarked that i could smell crackling until i realised it was in fact me cooking. Enough of this, back to the plot.

Chosen swim was Happys and once more the favoured areas were across to the far bank margins.

2.30 am and a mint little common of around 16lb was netted followed at 5.30 am by a mirror of around 18lb, and a happy camper arrived for breakfast pleased with the result from his first night, lets hope it continues. A nice relaxed breakfast discussing the tactics employed and back out into battle or rather not. On exiting the cool of the old coach house it seemed our party had been transported into the sahara desert with a fireball close overhead and the mercury rising to 55 on the front of the building , a heat that would stay with them for the rest of their trip.

Although Justin worked hard through the days, and with the aerators on daily to keep any algae at bay, the water temps were too high for the fish to get their heads down, with no more fish gracing the bank.

Even with the small number of fish caught, the comments in the guest book pointed to the fact they had a fantastic time and departed happily, although travelling in that heat is just not cricket.

I think if i had been there that week i would probably have made my way up to the main building and laid in the freezer, even Johns mower gave up the ghost.

Another couple of Tremblaye virgins are expected in a couple of weeks and then I’m back out with mum and my trusty sidekick, Dave , complete with his lucky hat to finish the holiday we started a  month earlier.

Hopefully the weather will have started to cool and i won’t have to pack the factor 50, boiler suit and goggles, come on Avril first time over 50 me thinks, dream, dream , dream.