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Return of the Wals, forget the birdie song, and a Monty Python sketch revisited

Following on from Simons weather beaten trip was a welcome return to the lake for the WALS aka Ken, Rog & Paul . Being a return visit , the journey to the lake would surely be uneventful, however, the satnav had other ideas ,and, after finally arriving at their destination was routinely drug tested. Now this is the second time a device has been tested, on my first visit mine too was put through this , only to test positive for DOPE !!!! Oh no i hear you say, shaking your heads in disapproval, but the only DOPE proved to be the operator lol, well i didn’t know there was more than one La Pin in France did i ?

After setting up and being fed and watered , the lads decided that the best plan of action would be to get a good nights kip and start their onslaught at first light. Ken plotted up in the Point, Paul in the Slip and Rog in the Outlet, let the games begin.

First light, first cast in the point to Ken with a method feeder and hair rigged lake special , and a fish is hooked,turning out to be a stunning mirror of 37lb, what a start. Now with a start like that a fantastic week was expected but guess what ? Yep, once again a weather front moved in bringing wind, rain and temperatures plummeting, and the fish doing the off.

Typically for the lads, the weather warmed on tuesday but unbelievably the fish decided they would stick two fingers up at the hard working piscators and go straight into spawning mode, do not pass go, do not collect fish and go directly to your bivvy.

Ken then had a run out of the blue on a bottom bait fished in the moat and banked a pretty 22lb mirror, at last something is feeding.

Paul and Rog then decided a move was in order and moved across into Happys so at least they could have a social if the fish had other ideas. Try as they might they couldn’t get them interested although Ken managed to entice a pretty little common from the small corner bay near the moat entrance, well fished that man.

It has to be said that this carp fishing lark isn’t all about catching our quarry at all costs, which proved to be a lighter moment of our visitors week . The guys had experienced the spawning routines of the little blighters on more than one occasion on their French travels so knew what to expect and were in great spirits throughout the week , to the extent that they thought it may be fun to have a giggle at our hosts expense.

Rog decided to take a rod and fish the shallows near the Steps, and as usual, on his rounds to see all during the day, John made his way round for a chat. As they were chatting John caught something out of the corner of his eye in the rushes of the swim, a bloody Heron !!!

Look at that saucy git , he’s got some nerve, John exclaimed, watch this , il get rid of the cheeky little so and so ( or something along those lines, as its close to the watershed ).

At this point John started to clap, louder and louder, the Heron taking not a blind bit of notice. By this time the other two lads had come across to see what all the commotion was about with this mad man clapping like some performing sea lion waiting for his treat. At this point John realised something was amiss and by the laughter echoing around him , finally clicked that said bird was a strategically placed plastic decoy ,” Taxi for Wright ” don’t you love it when a plan comes together.

Oh it doesn’t end there, if John has been hooked , then surely he could lead Jan into the trap, or could he ?

Later that evening after dinner the lads were back in their swims , John and Jan started on their lap of the lake. Approaching the jetty John pointed out our not so feathered friend sitting quietly in the rushes and started to clap, which had Jan clapping too. As they approached the steps to the swim, Jans clapping was accompanied by her shouts and stamps , resembling the birdie song on crack lol, followed by ” i think he’s dead ! “( sure theres a monty python sketch here somewhere ), quickly followed by howls of laughter. It looked so real , he’s still there, a new addition to the fishery.

No more fish followed but the lads have booked a week in september to see if they can get among the big girls, thanks guys ,have a safe journey home.

Next time is the visit of my good mate Mike Salisbury , a Kodex consultant and angling coach along with young Jordan , again Kodex consultant and helper for the promotional video Mike is going to be doing for the lake, as it is felt the lake and grounds are at the stage where John is really happy about, and the time is right to bring this little gem into the carping mainstream.

See you next time.