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Dave the hauler and the apple tree bites back

Well , I’m sat here with mum confined to the bivvy ,Tuesday afternoon in torrential rain ,whilst Dave has a quick snooze through his exertions . Things have gone well so far with 7 fish between us , well, when I say between us Dave has 5 so I’m being butt kicked again .

Dave fishing the point and myself in happy as usual , spots chosen and rigs placed out with the help of a trusty baitboat. However, 2 days in and my spots seem quiet apart from a turbo charged 18 lb common that thought he was a grass carp ,at dark o’clock, clearing the water twice as he led me a merry barefooted dance. Baitboat and fishfinder dispatched to the spots only to find I have under 2 feet of water in them, not something that would worry me but when checking Daves productive spots they have a good 3 1/2 to 4 feet , something learned here me thinks, yep, next time get here before him ha ha..

We decided to fish as a team , which has basically meant I place the baits out for him then I net and photograph his fish lol,so poaching in the moat and stock pond it is then.

After plenty of ribbing about my uncanny ability to catch bream on my previous few trips into France , John assured me there were none present so when I had a take late Saturday evening I was straight on the rod thinking of all things massive until a little red eye popped out of the gloom and a lively little tench chucked itself into the waiting net. I’m going to hear the end of this I thought and sure enough the jungle drums were beaten and soon my phone was full of quips such as “ come on Steve, the tenchion is killing us “ , oh I love my so called mates.

Away from the fishing it appears that the plant life has started to fight back. As I walked up to the main building for a crafty couple of bottles I noticed John giggling on the sit on mower. He explained that whilst cutting the grass he misjudged the distance under the apple tree and it wedged him underneath. As he reversed it pushed him further to the mower until it finally released him in a flurry of leaves.

Anyway Dave has managed 5 so far , mirrors of 31 and 38 and 22, a beautiful fully scaled monkey of 16 1/2 and a common of 22.

Strangely enough all of Daves fish so far have come at either breakfast or evening meal involving a sprint to the rods with Dave showing the way and me following with my shorts halfway down my legs and crocs dropping off every other stride, a sight for sore eyes and surely a spectator sport. Each fight was accompanied by Daves obligatory puffing and wheezing after his little jog down to the peg although last nights carpy interlude wasn’t so funny as yes chilli night had struck once again and two burping and farting carping lunatics were stood in the point giggling at how green each other looked. Try as I may I haven’t managed to poke any of his fish off with the landing net yet but il save that for later in the week if he carries on muttering 1-0, 2-0 under his breath, yes David my good friend I’ve heard you. I think you should sleep with one eye open from now on.

I myself went for a quick poach in the stock pond to see if I could entice one of the remaining fish out of there as there is hardly any water in there apart from the few deeper holes on the far bank under the trees. Gilbert the lakes resident 40 lb grassie is sat under his favourite bush with a few decent mirrors so why not. Little did I know Dave thought it would be funny to take photos of said sad poacher , something that backfired on him , as I actually hooked and landed one , yaaaay , a 17 lb mirror that now swims with his buddies in the main lake. If a certain someone continues the way he is he too may be swimming with the fishes very soon lol. Anyway rain stopped, back out for more poaching and wait until tea time for Daves next run.

Up for tea in thunderstorm and monsoon conditions praying the rods stay silent but Daves away again and the sprint begins.Now the others won’t know this until they see the blog as I was a little late to help my mate out due to a little accident rather than the fact I’m so unfit. I had managed to kick the crocs off before I nose dived into the drink but managed to run through a little present one of the cats had left on the path that squidged through my toes, a rather unpleasant experience I might add. A little wet wipe stop was called for.

Anyway Daves face was a picture as he held aloft his prize, a stunning 31-12 mirror that we didn’t recognise that has been named Reggie. Two happy carpers ,soaked to the skin, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Back up to tea and mum threatened to stab me with a fork as there are only so many times I can catch her with “repeat” and “echo “. Funny as it is it’s getting cruel now. What’s that I hear you say, yeah nice try!!!!

Still dark after watching the mighty Leeds beat West Brom Daves smiley mush appears in the doorway with news he has had a 17 lb common, then amazingly at brekkie its my turn to do the meal time marathon and land myself a 21-12 mirror, happy days.

Daves gone down to the village to fill up so I’ve been a true friend and filled his baited spots in with bricks as a true friend would.

So much for bricks, 30 mins after the shopper gets back with sweeties he’s away again , this time a 24 lb common .

My stove then gives up the ghost and I borrow one from John to make the three happy campers some nice warm Horlicks , all cozy in my bivvy before beddy byes. A minute later, the bivvy full of gas and I can’t light the bloody thing jeez. Note to self, wear your glasses numpty , the stove is upside down, realising just as Dave is trying to sort his phone to video my idiotic nocturnal faux pas. Never mind mate, maybe next time. Well the wind dropped and stopped blowing into Daves corner and fish start showing all over, has the tide begun to change.

Bait the moat I keep telling myself, rather than spend all my time socialising , so before breakfast that’s what I do. Straight after the fish are ripping up the bottom and before the day is out I’ve had two more on bottom baits to take the score to 8-5 beating our target of 12 for the week so we’ll chuffed.

Dave is on his way mid morning tomorrow so hopefully we can up the tally before then.

Dave left me on my lonesome but after finding fish and feeding them in themoat I managed a lovely little mirror in his autumn suit and a cracking scale perfect common last thing of 22 lb that has no doubt never seen a hook.

That’s the perfect end to a great trip , the big girls once again eluded us but Neil is back in a fortnight so that may change.

One final thing happened, as I stood over the stock pond I saw Gilbert and one of the resident mirrors casually swim down the channel and under the bridge into the moat and swim on the surface into the main body of the lake. The remaining fish kept turning at the bridge but I’m sure will be through in the next few days looking for food .

The Wals , the wig and the missing teeth

The Wals return after struggling last time with the fish in jiggy jiggy mode hoping to bank some of the lakes jewels. Things went well with 3 mirrors to Brian, 24, 28,and 37 1/2, a mirror of 27 and a common of 23 to Rog , and a mirror of 19 to Ken. Now these boys have fished around so nothing is too serious with once again the social side at the top of the agenda.

One day Rog collared Jan and asked if he could join them on one of there daily shopping trips as he’d forgotten his shampoo. Jan quickly responded that she could let him have some of hers or some that customers had left. Rog explained that he needed special stuff as he was allergic to certain things and it didn’t do much for his hair. That day after his shower Rog passed Jan muttering and Jan thought oh yeah he’s right , then realised she’d been done again as Rog was sporting a wig.

How do they top that you may ask ,well , John was called by Ken with a problem. “ I’ve lost my teeth down the plug hole” explained Ken, “ yeah right “ thought John but then noticed the toothless smile beaming at him. “I can see them , but I can’t get them “ he explained with John trying not to laugh. “ I was told to take em out to clean them and I dropped em “ , this gets better.

No probs and John quickly dismantles the waste and extracts said teeth , giving them back to their owner. Pop up plug down and John fills the sink so Ken can give them a swill . “Thanks mate “ says Ken , then noooooooooo, “why are my legs and feet getting wet ?” Asks John with waste still in hand. Yep you’ve guessed Ken has lifted the plug and John now needs a change of clothing.

Be glad to see these boys back bringing more humour to the bank.