A cold start to a new season

Good evening carp followers and welcome to the dawn of a new season here at Tremblaye. A nice surprise was the addition of 2 gorgeous 50lb fish during the colder months that have had a little time to settle in to their new surroundings. Large fish have been seen crashing all over the lake so things looked good for the arrival of an old friend in Simon, back for his 3rd trip i believe.

Simons saturday arrival was for once a dry one , all set up and rods out after being fed and watered, fishing from Happys out towards the far bank ( hang on , who said you could fish my swim, poaching me thinks ).

9.30 pm and the rod on the bent tree bursts into life, taking out another rod in the process, but after a good fight a good looking grassy is in the net. On the scales , 36-2 and a new p.b, what a start, cigar time on the first night. Rig wise just a simple blow back rig with a long hair finished with Simons new bait rolled by Mark Lycett at custom bait services.

Eyes opened sunday morning and yep, once again, early season weather strikes, ice in the cradle and a little nippy in the nether regions.

Tuesday evening , a single bleep at 6pm, then 6.20 pm and the alarm is howling, and another feisty inhabitant makes a bid for freedom. Fish in the net, dinner back in the oven, and john and jan arrive at the swim to find what looks like an unknown mirror sulking in the folds of the net.

37-3 on the scales and another pb , photos done, dinner consumed, rods back outing a very happy carper sits snugly in the realms of his bivvy castle. Again the fish falling to the blow back rig from the bent tree.

Temperatures then started to rise and fish appeared all across the lake raising hopes.

Thursday dinner finished, and walking back to the swim , a single bleep on the rod in the moat produced a cracking common of 21 lb , which turned out to be the last fish of the session.

Nice start to the season, and Simon already booked in for next year, lets see if we can get some of the big girls out this year, with more weeks filled this year, ive struggled to bag myself a space.

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