The carp press these days is full of tales and photos of mystical beasts and leviathans of the deep, that I am sure many of us have dreamed that maybe one day, it would be us in front of the camera, cradling that most sought after prize.

With the popularity of the sport growing as it is, it is getting more difficult to find spaces available at the times we would like, on waters that hold large fish in the UK, unless you are lucky enough to be involved in a syndicate. This is why many people turn to France in their quest for a personal best.

A common misconception is that a quick trip across the channel will have numerous 40’s and 50’s crawling up the rods to have their photo taken with yours truly. Although French lakes do indeed have larger fish, and more of them than some of their UK counterparts, it does not make them any easier to catch.

If your idea of a holiday is the opportunity to fish a lake with a good head of fish from mid doubles to 40lb +, with multiple catches possible, then La Tremblaye could be the answer to your dreams. We cannot ,of course, promise you will catch a 40lb fish, but can guarantee you will never be far away from one of the larger specimens.

A unique opportunity to combine history with carp fishing by experiencing an amazing 12th century, moated, 4-acre estate lake of Chateau La Tremblaye, in the beautiful Deux Sevres Poitou Charentes region of south-west France.

The ruins of Castle la Tremblaye sit on one side of the lake in its 11-acre grounds, which also includes the royal stables that are being renovated by ourselves, John and Jan, the new owners.

John has been carp fishing for around 40 years and has been friends with most of the top anglers in the south of the UK. He was involved in the early development of Protein Carp Baits with such people as Steve Edwards, Fred Wilton, Joe Jarman and Chris Haswell, to name but a few.

Always having a passion for carp angling, eventually we decided to buy a carp fishery in France. Our love has always been in historical buildings and for 3 years looked for a venue which was much more than just a hole in the ground.

On finding La Tremblaye, we have now started to create a relaxed, unique, carp fishery in the French countryside, where anglers can fish in the lake of Castle of La Tremblaye and have the added opportunity to experience an historical atmosphere to their fishing holidays, making it totally different to other French carp fisheries.

Unlike many French venues, our aim is to eventually create a big fish water without stocking to the hilt with large fish at the outset, producing a ready made fishery, relying instead on the careful management of the lakes existing stock, only adding further fish once accurate numbers and sizes are known.

Among the plans for the renovation, is accommodation for partners who would like more comfort than a bivvy and bedchair, which, combined with the peace and tranquility, the fabulous food package, hospitality, and of course, the fish, will provide a wonderful, relaxing experience.

We would like to invite you to join us at the start of the adventure, which is the magic of La Tremblaye.

John and Jan