With Johns early association with the production of protein carp baits, we had an idea of the type of make up of a bait we would be happy to introduce into the lake as a good food source for the fish.

We decided that we would like a bait with a natural make up that would meet the dietary needs of the fish all year round, without the inclusion of synthetic flavours.

After 5 years of using a fantastic bait supplied by Jason Trought and the lads at DNA it was decided to look into the possible rolling of a bait that i had rolled for myself upwards of 25 years ago. This had produced a lot of fish for me and i had great confidence in it, only for the costs of the raw materials to escalate to a level  that was not a viable option due to the smallish amounts i was needing. Also one of the essential oils suddenly became very hard to source so things were put on ice until now. It was agreed that if possible, this bait would make things even more personal.

I had approached the lads at DNA to see if this was something they could do , but with the amount of bait they are now rolling it was suggested that this would not be an option, again due to the amount of bait we would need per order, as the base mix would need to be made up fresh for each roll and therefore time consuming.

Without beating around the bush , many hours on social media kept throwing up the same name quite often, so a call was made to Mark Lycett at Custom Bait Services and our needs discussed. He said he could roll the bait no probs, he was sure he could source both oils but to be quite honest hadn’t realised they existed , which made it a first for him too, and was both excited and interested in the outcome.

To cut a long story short the bait was rolled and to be honest was of a far better quality than the bait i rolled  years ago, no doubt due to the better grade raw  materials now available ( and probably due to the rollers expertise, but don’t tell him that , the price will go up )

Testing on other french waters proved an instant success with many large fish falling to the bait for myself and carping buddies, and indeed the bait proved an instant success when fished against the established DNA lake bait at Tremblaye at the back end of last year. It has been fed into the lake since the end of October ready for the arrival of our first guests in April and I’m sure will put plenty of fish on the bank.

The bait itself is a mixture of both a fishmeal and a nut base mix with the inclusion of 2 oils and a food source. This rolls perfectly to produce a softish bait that can be easily digested.

We wouldn’t put any anglers off bringing their own favourite bait across with them , but with the reaction so far and continuous feeding program, we feel that this bait will quickly become the main food source for the lakes stock , being instantly and readily accepted.


5 kg Boilies                                                            50 euros

Pop Ups                                                                  7 euros

Wafters                                                                   7 euros

Food Dip                                                                 9 euros




A bait package can be pre ordered, and will be waiting for you at the lake , allowing a saving to be made on individual items . This will be made up of the following ;

5KG Boilie

3 KG Pellet

1 X Pop Up  or Wafters

1 X Food Dip

PRICE                                                                          65  euros


All bait will be available fresh throughout the year.