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Dave the hauler and the apple tree bites back

Well , I’m sat here with mum confined to the bivvy ,Tuesday afternoon in torrential rain ,whilst Dave has a quick snooze through his exertions . Things have gone well so far with 7 fish between us , well, when

The Wals , the wig and the missing teeth

The Wals return after struggling last time with the fish in jiggy jiggy mode hoping to bank some of the lakes jewels. Things went well with 3 mirrors to Brian, 24, 28,and 37 1/2, a mirror of 27 and a

Second visit, 2 new PBs

With the return visit of Dave and Martin, the weather decided it was going to get even hotter, a situation that was affecting the fishing at hundreds of lakes throughout France, so things didn’t really look good for the boys

First visit, new PB

Adam and Ian flew in for the all inclusive package after seeing Mike Salisbury’s video with the weather baking everything in its way. The fish were in the upper layers under the cover of the overhanging trees and bushes and


Time for the visit of Mike Salisbury and his young helper Jordan intent on filming their trip hopefully with a few whackers involved. I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of the trip but point you towards you

Return of the Wals, forget the birdie song, and a Monty Python sketch revisited

Following on from Simons weather beaten trip was a welcome return to the lake for the WALS aka Ken, Rog & Paul . Being a return visit , the journey to the lake would surely be uneventful, however, the satnav

A cold start to a new season

Good evening carp followers and welcome to the dawn of a new season here at Tremblaye. A nice surprise was the addition of 2 gorgeous 50lb fish during the colder months that have had a little time to settle in

Simon and the doomsday cloud

Simon arrived for his second visit of the year, and after a quick walk round and chat realised it would be foolish not to set up camp in fizzers as the numbers of fish showing in that area on the

Thanks for that mum

I think I’m getting a cold remarked mum as she got into the car, only days after claiming she hadn’t had one for years. After the journey down sniffling and snorting it was decided to hang a bell and unclean

Venison steaks on the bank, I wish, although they are a bit are a bit deer for me

Yeah, yeah , I know, sorry about the title of the post, if that’s the best joke I’ve got it’s going to be a long day. Martin and Dave arrived to lovely weather for their first visit to La Tremblaye