On purchasing La Tremblaye we were told by the previous owners that the lake held upwards of 150 fish, from young single figure fish , the product of successful spawning ,  to the larger specimens of 40lb +. These fish had been stocked in previous years with the view of opening the lake to anglers, an event that never happened, until now.

This stock was complimented last year with a number of 40lb fish , both mirrors & grass carp.

In very short sessions John set about thinning out the smaller fish with anything below 15lb being placed in the stock pond, with a feeding program put in place to ensure a good growth rate of the remaining specimens.

In a very short space of time 50 fish were transferred to the stock pond where they will be fed and grown on to be released into the lake when they reach weights required, leaving an estimated 100 – 110 specimens in the lake.

Multiple catches in the space of a few hours were commonplace with these hungry fish, the lake bait seemingly irresistible, ( some baits only being in the water a matter of seconds ). With the removal of smaller fish, the average weight started to rise, with most fish landed being between 15 & 21lb , although specimens from 25lb to 30lb+ were common ( the larger specimens proving elusive during the short sessions ).

One thing noticeable was the the incredible fight given by even the smallest fish, with a good mix of both mirrors and commons to complement the large grass carp. There are no crayfish or poisson chat present in the lake ensuring the bait is only eaten by its chosen target fish.

Hopefully with the pellet & boilie feeding program ongoing we will see some good weight gains throughout the year.