Here at La Tremblaye we have a spring fed 4 acre lake, roughly triangular in shape , with part of the original moat system existing in the form of an arm to one side. This arm is gated towards the top end providing us with the perfect stock pond.

The lake itself is tree lined to two sides, and has been carefully transformed to house 6 comfortable swims , each having depths of between 5 and 7 feet. With a maximum of 4 anglers this gives an option to move if required.

The bottom is snag free and a mix of both clay and silt, whilst the margins boast both overhanging branches and reeded areas which act as fish holding hotspots.

The fish patrol the margins both day and night and as such the fish have been fed in these areas, which will hopefully make baiting up and casting both easy and accurate, with just a short underarm flick needed to get you to where the fish are feeding.

In short 1 – 2 hour sessions 90% of fish have been caught between 1 and 15 feet from the bank.