Well , what can I say apart from hope everyone has kept safe and well through this traumatic time and hope to see all our friends backside soon. After rearranging trips cancelled due to the virus , my trip in June was the latest to become a casualty due to the travel restrictions so new dates were being looked at . Nick was the next up but his flight had changed to via Dubai so was a non starter .

A quickly arranged trip was sorted with myself and Dave plus Daves mate Rich , mum being the only casualty due to worries about the journey , to the extent that the trip was now a Hokey Cokey visit as every day she was either in or out .

After an horrendous journey through so much road closures we arrived safely in mid 20 degree temps and got ourselves set up as we had arranged , myself in Happys , Dave in the point and Rich in fizzers .

First night I’ve only gone and managed a 30+ mirror. , which was one of the 2 stocked fish in November last year, which has put on a few pounds , a good sign.

Dave then decided to show the children how dangerous it was to play with the ridge monkey boilie cutter and even if things get stuck don’t try and push things down with your fingers as these things are really sharp and blood will flow , right Dave ?

Weather was against us with temps into 30s , even stalking in the moat was a chore although floatfished worm turned up perch by the dozen. Rich had a large perch grab his bait on retrieving his rig before breakfast and a 1 lb + perch took a liking to my sweet corn offering straight after.

friday morning and clouds gathered , temps and pressure dropped and I was sure this would be to our advantage, but didn’t expect what happened next. Rich placed a snowman rig under the bush in fizzers and sat back . 20 mins later a drop back indicated he was away and a few mins later a nice mirror laid in the mesh of the net . I was quickly round to do the honours and at first thought the fish was Avril. , but at 47-3 was surprised if it was her as it was expected she would be mid 50 this year. . Half an hour later after studying pics, Rich was now the new lake record holder with a fish known as Ronnie, which last came out to Dave 2 years ago at 38 lb, a cracking growth rate.

Fishing was obviously suspended due to celebrations although the sight of Rich naked on the bank put a slight tinge on my celebration mood, having slightly scarred me mentally somewhat. Things were looking up and a take at 10 pm lifted my spirits greatly only to be crashing back to earth as the fish shed the hook a few minutes into the fight . What will the night.bring us ?

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