Second visit, 2 new PBs

With the return visit of Dave and Martin, the weather decided it was going to get even hotter, a situation that was affecting the fishing at hundreds of lakes throughout France, so things didn’t really look good for the boys at all.

True to form , no matter how hard they tried, the fish just didn’t want to know until a couple of days of cooler temperatures at the end of the week suddenly changed things.

8-30 on the Friday morning and things turned round for them, a pb mirror of 37-4 for Dave to go with mirrors of 25-4 and 24 plus an 18lb common. Martin joined in with a 16-8 common and a pb mirror of 40-4.

Well done fellas, I’ve known anglers pack up and go home during weeks like this, just goes to show how a little change in the conditions can bring about a sudden change in the fishing.

Once again the happy pair have rebooked for next year, hoping for a little cooler stay.

The Wals are back again for another try next , but will the weather beat them this time now the spawning has stopped.

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