Simon and the doomsday cloud

Simon arrived for his second visit of the year, and after a quick walk round and chat realised it would be foolish not to set up camp in fizzers as the numbers of fish showing in that area on the end of the south westerly was amazing.

Unfortunately , just as he unloaded the car the clouds came over and proceeded to dump rain of biblical proportions all over the lake.

Soon after , a rather damp angler burst through the doors laughing , but he’d got his bivvy up and all the other stuff he’d managed to get inside it before it too got drenched. Final bits and pieces taken round after  another wonderful meal and his baits were dispatched to his pre-baited spots for the night.

Our goodbyes said over breakfast along with good luck wishes for Simon, as he prepared for the week ahead.

2.45 am Tuesday morning after being tormented by fish crashing day and night the left hand margin rod was away resulting in a lovely 25-10 mirror caught on a 20mm N1 wafter on a blowback rig, with ESP hook link and Ridge Monkey straight point size 6 hook. 

Now it is here i have to compliment Simon on his choice of bait. After rolling and being involved in the rolling of my own baits for 30 years and trying to understand the ins and outs of ingredients etc i have seen some horrendous baits over the years being fed into lakes. Simons choice of the N1 rolled by JK Baits & Attractors was totally different to these in its make up and did surprise me, a lovely nutty aroma and taste ( yep i ate one ). Well done boys keep up the good work.

Tuesday 6.30pm , straight after the award winning chilli, the left hand margin rod was away again resulting in a mirror known as drop tail nestling in the net at a new PB weight of 29-14. This was caught on 2 x 18mm N1’s + an N1 corn pop up.

Wednesday 11-45 am and the rod on the bent tree tore off producing a 28-8 mirror to an N1 bottom bait and trimmed down N1 corn pop up .

Wednesday evening drew in along with the storm clouds , winds and lashing rain , John reckoned the lightening was so bright he could see Simon struggling to hold on in the bivvy at the far end of the lake. Simon emerged unscathed for breakfast but did comment that he was worried about the large bivvy he had erected as he couldn’t reach both sides to hold it down . He also mentioned that the strange sighting early morning of a young lady in red shoes carrying a dog, being followed by a lion, a scarecrow and a tin man made him fear the wind had been worse than he imagined.

Thursdays fish, a common of 29lb came from the bent tree spot to a 20mm N1 wafter + 1/2 18mm bottom bait.

The last fish of the session came from the mouth of the moat at 8-20 am Saturday morning , a 24-10 mirror falling to an N1 wafter.

A great end to a productive trip, and he’s already booked in for a week next year.

Great to meet you mate, well done and look forward to meeting again.

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