Thanks for that mum

I think I’m getting a cold remarked mum as she got into the car, only days after claiming she hadn’t had one for years. After the journey down sniffling and snorting it was decided to hang a bell and unclean sign around her neck then fumigate the car, as I’ve now got a sore throat awwwwwwwww.

Great to be back , looking forward to Daves  arrival the day after to continue our holiday that was so rudely interrupted in June.

Newly acquires Titan t2 bivvy hotel erected in happy s swim and a relaxing few hours as I had decided not to sort the rods until Dave arrived.

I had come armed with crayfish traps courtesy of fishtec which were carefully placed close to the rocky margins baited with cat food. First night spent in the apartment watching the mighty Leeds lol and straight off to the land of nod .

Dave arrived and gear quickly set up in the point and all rods placed along the far bank , game on.

1 am the following morning , ” give me a hand Steve ” was heard and Dave was off the mark with a 22 lb mirror, one I haven’t seen before.

Full day after stalking in the moat with nothing to show for our troubles then fed and watered including a pear and rhubarb crumble made with fresh ingredients from the garden.

The weather had turned cold in the evening and mum decided to retire to the apartment and leave me to cough and splutter alone. Early morning and Daves dulcet tones announced the netting of a 31 1/2 mirror , nice one. After seeing fish show on the outlet bank throughout the day before we had a day stalking along there with once again nothing to show for our troubles.

Spots topped up with bait and up to the house we go for chilli night yaaaaaay. Unfortunately the curse of chilli night did not reappear and the rods remained silent although the massive trifle didn’t last long.

Mum decided it was best if she remained in the apartment as it was getting colder although I guessed it was probably safer for her with the likely after effects of chilli and trifle in enclosed spaces.

All the fields surrounding had been harvested which seemingly had caused an influx of another type of unwelcome critter , mr rat and his mates as we had seen a couple earlier that day. New traps deployed and it was now man versus crayfish and rats lol. A few hours later and the scores on the doors were Man 15 crayfish 0, and Man 3 Rats 0 result

The hills are alive with the sound of, well something , but not exactly music, needless to say it would be foolhardy to crank up the stove in case the new bivvy disappeared in a puff of smoke. Not again, I thought, early morning, Daves landed another 19 1/2 mirror , all 3 from the same spot off the bent tree, and all passing the P2 and particle onto the mats.

Backside, kicking and well & truly were words that came to mind but hey ho that’s fishing for you just can’t buy a bite at the moment.

Another day stalking in the moat produced zilch but yours truly missed a take through chatting lol, but to see john appear with some cold beers was amazing but then an hour later to come back with a tray of tea and biscuits , unbelievable.

Pork tegine demolished and back to the rods, repositioned Daves bent tree rod and 10 mins later he’s away or rather not, both feeling the fish then nothing, fish trailing line perhaps ?  Rod back out, Dave pays a visit to the loo and his alarm screeches again, I’m into the fish and hand him the rod as he puffs and pants down to the swim, but something doesn’t feel right. Into the net slips a 22 lb common but hang on there are 2 rigs and 2 hooks, that’s the trailer sorted then. Unfortunately the said rig was not very well put together giving the lead no chance of coming free and even certain parts attached the wrong way round, not something you want to see.

On the critter front scores on the doors now Man 17 Crayfish 0 and Man 5 Rats 0, at least I’m catching something.

Sat on the bivvy floor 3am and not a sound , never been anywhere when there hasn’t been any noise not even birds. Next thing I know it’s 6.30 and I’ve heard an alarm, yep the fish meister is in again, this time an 18 lb mirror from the moat, quickly followed by a 14 lber, I’ve told him it’s not funny anymore.

Halfway through breakfast and my alarm signals a take and soon a cheeky 15 lb mirror is in the net thank god, and believe it or not I have 2 mice in the same trap ( I’m really good at catching something )

Whilst stalking the afternoon in the moat we nearly had a little accident which Dave thought rather funny. I must have dropped off to sleep and with my chair being on an incline I woke up falling forward , just grabbing the sides of the chair to stop myself tumbling down the bank and into the moat, yeah really funny mr jones.

Mums now public enemy number 1 as everyone but Jan has cold, coughing, sneezing and spluttering everywhere, I’ve just coughed up something that resembles Orville without as many feathers, not nice.

Through the night Dave the fish whisperer had a 16 lb common from the moat then an 18 lb mirror again from the bent tree. A day stalking produced nothing but a bag full of empty bottles but the night produced a 22 lb common for me making the scores 8-2. Then tragedy struck.

Sat in the sun around 1 pm Daves been tree rod screamed off and he struck into a fish that came in quite easily until it was under the rod tip then decided it wasn’t playing any more. Line peeled from the reel then was gradually regained then off again it went for 5 mins. As the fish passed into the moat I noticed how deep the fish was and how wide across the shoulders, but as it turned I realised it was a fish I had made acquaintance with on my first visit one cold February , a visit that seemed so far away.The fish in question had three large scales on its shoulder and had done me that day ejecting the hook whilst being brought over the net. Careful Dave we nearly have her, then off she went at a rate of knots but suddenly changed direction altering the line angle and once again ejecting the hook. Don’t know who was most gutted, she was big , but that’s fishing.

Daves gear packed away ready for departure tomorrow, that has gone quick,but tonight he’s bedded down with me in the titan 2 hotel. Broke back mountain was mentioned earlier lol, but as I speak both sides of the sleeping bag are being zipped up alongside the barbed wire fence and machine gun turret around the bed chair. Will the last night bring one of the mystery fish to the net, let’s hope so.

3 am and I’ve woken up with a start as my chest is tight and I’m thinking jeez no I can’t be having a heart attack, only to find myself staring into the eyes of a startled A.C , one of John and jans cats, bloody thing.

3 hours later both me and Dave hear the one bleep of an alarm, go on then I said why don’t you rub it in then, only to realise it was mine, and with an excited giggle I was hovering over the rod in question. Very slowly the bobbin rose so I struck and connected with the culprit which turned out to be white stripe at 33 lb, happy days.

Dave left at 10 and I managed a 17 lb mirror from the moat, but as the wind blew into fizzers more and more fish were showing along that bank 

Packed up and car being readied by 3 pm just as the clouds moved over and it spotted with rain, a great week had by all, but the weather looks as though Simon may catch it just right.




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