The Wals , the wig and the missing teeth

The Wals return after struggling last time with the fish in jiggy jiggy mode hoping to bank some of the lakes jewels. Things went well with 3 mirrors to Brian, 24, 28,and 37 1/2, a mirror of 27 and a common of 23 to Rog , and a mirror of 19 to Ken. Now these boys have fished around so nothing is too serious with once again the social side at the top of the agenda.

One day Rog collared Jan and asked if he could join them on one of there daily shopping trips as he’d forgotten his shampoo. Jan quickly responded that she could let him have some of hers or some that customers had left. Rog explained that he needed special stuff as he was allergic to certain things and it didn’t do much for his hair. That day after his shower Rog passed Jan muttering and Jan thought oh yeah he’s right , then realised she’d been done again as Rog was sporting a wig.

How do they top that you may ask ,well , John was called by Ken with a problem. “ I’ve lost my teeth down the plug hole” explained Ken, “ yeah right “ thought John but then noticed the toothless smile beaming at him. “I can see them , but I can’t get them “ he explained with John trying not to laugh. “ I was told to take em out to clean them and I dropped em “ , this gets better.

No probs and John quickly dismantles the waste and extracts said teeth , giving them back to their owner. Pop up plug down and John fills the sink so Ken can give them a swill . “Thanks mate “ says Ken , then noooooooooo, “why are my legs and feet getting wet ?” Asks John with waste still in hand. Yep you’ve guessed Ken has lifted the plug and John now needs a change of clothing.

Be glad to see these boys back bringing more humour to the bank.

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